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Tips For Dating A Busy Woman

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Are you with a woman who only remembers ‘work’? Here’s how you can sort out your relationship

When you’re dating a hot alpha woman who is busy as hell, constantly scanning her dossiers and files, you might just be wondering where you stand in the scheme of things. Yes, that kind of woman may have too much on her plate and no time for you.

According to a recent survey, only 36% women admitted that they “always make time for dates”, compared to 50% men. So, the truth is, there may be a section of women who are work-loaded and oblivious to the fact that they are not devoting time to their better half. And if you’re that half, there you would be, complaining to yourself that she’s not giving enough for you to stick on, and neither is she getting the hint that you’re uncomfortable. Well, maybe you need to work on your tactics. Here’s how to be with a career-minded woman, without ending up being the one she forgot she was in a relationship with.

Remember: She’s your girl, not the boss

So, treat her like one. Her colleagues and subordinates may be all jitters when she starts firing people at work. But remember, you ain’t one of those unfortunate beings. So, when with her, seldom discuss work, unless she’s so keen for an opinion from you. Instead, give priority to her life apart from work.

Work your schedule around hers-
This might be the most difficult part, but you definitely knew what you were getting into. Most of the time, you’ll have to work your timings according to hers. Also, understand her routine and compromise. In case she’s heading for a meeting the next day, don’t plan a date the previous evening. This way, she knows you are understanding.

When she vents out her office woes, at least pretend you are listening
On most days, thanks to tiresome hours at work, she might be wanting to spew venom at every given person, including you. Don’t overreact when she does it. Instead, just let her spit it out. Also, sometimes, she might just try and bottle up her office worries. At such times, tell her you’re there to listen to her and help her.

Make her take a break
If she’s a workaholic, demand that you both take regular breaks so that she can unwind. Also, make sure she forgets her work life when on a holiday and give her the best time she could ever ask for.

Make her comfortable on dates
If she’s on a holiday, plan all the fun things you can, like going to a disco where she wouldn’t mind strutting about in her stilettos. But when you’re planning a dinner date, take her to some place she’d seek comfort in and forget her office blues. Avoid places where she’d have to put up her hard core personality and dress up to the nines.

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