How To Get Ready For A Trade Fair Ready

How To Get Ready For A Trade Fair Ready

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It often pays to be organised, so now is the perfect time to plan for your next trade fair show. Whether you are a regular or a first-timer, these tips should help you be prepared. If your New Years’ Resolution is to be more organised, this is a great chance to get a head start!

Trade Fair Goals

Reflecting on your year’s progress is a common practice for the end of the year, so you can figure out what you would like to work on and improve in the year to come. So now is the perfect time to make a list of things you would love to achieve in your next trade-fairs.

There are plenty of things to achieve with every new trade fair you attend, whether it be sales, new contacts in your address book, or simply raising your profile and getting your name and products out there. Look back at things that weren’t so successful and figure out how to make sure they go better this time. But also take a look forward, as with a new year, comes lots of new learning experiences ahead. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself!

Which Trade Fairs are You Attending?

Getting your calendar marked out with all the trade fairs you would like to attend is a great way to start your planning. Having a clear guide of ‘what, when and where’ helps keep you on track with what you are preparing for, and how much time you have got. If there are key times or deadlines for things, make sure to get those written down!

You can also include notes about what kinds of people will be attending these fairs, as it is important to know who your target audience are. Different things appeal to different people, so you need to know how to attract the people who you want. This is also where marketing comes in, because if you already have social media or an active client base, it’s good to give them lots of notice and a heads up to when and where you will be.

Inventory Check

Doing a check on all of your display gear is essential, because if things are broken, damaged, or in need of a freshening up – now is the time to get it sorted! Need a new roll-up banner? Get some new, cheap roll-up banners ordered asap so you have them well in advance.

Doing an inventory check on your products and packaging is also important, as you need to make sure you have everything you need at the ready. Have you got everything you need? A comment book for people to leave their details/business cards; wrapping paper, bubble wrap, bags; promo materials such as business cards and flyers so people can take your info and details home; labels and signs for pricing information and special offers; mirrors or stools if you are selling clothing and accessories. Having an inventory checklist is going to help you so much when it comes to packing and setting up on the day of the event.

Display and Theme

Getting your display stand exactly how you want it, is something to figure out before the trade fair, not on the morning of. If you can tape out the space you will have and do a ‘test-run’ on your display, then its highly recommended. You will see any issues or design decisions you want to fix, and still have time to get them sorted before the big day comes. Checks with the venue for their regulations and restrictions should be done, to make sure the fixtures and hangings you want to use will be allowed.

Make sure your display is suitable and in keeping with your theme and the message you are trying to portray; you want your display and brand/products to work cohesively and appeal to your target audience. Do your roller banners fit the style of your brand? Do you need different ones for different events? Roller banner printing is fairly affordable and cheap roller banners are a quick and easy backdrop change, to completely alter the theme and mood of your display.

Also consider accessories such as fairy lights, background music and table-covers. One of the easiest ways to draw people in to your display stand, is free samples. If this is something you can afford to offer, it’s a great way to generate interest and receive instant feedback on your products. Doing special promo offers before the event will also help to generate interest, appealing to your social media followers.

Getting prepared in advance helps to take some of the future stress off your shoulders, so you will have much less to worry about on the day of your events. Hopefully these tips helped you out, wishing you the best of luck with your trade fair events ahead of you!


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