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The Top Jobs In The US In 2017

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[dropcap]C[/dropcap]hoosing a career path for when you leave school isn’t easy. There are many opportunities out there, but which one do you choose? You want a job that will be fulfilling yet offer you the chance to make good money at the same time.

Of course, it also depends on what interests you the most and where you’re living. With the varied number of cases they deal with, becoming lawyer at www.criminalattorneylongislandny.com/ may be far more interesting than a doctor or nurse.

dentist jobs


One of the highest paid jobs in the country is a dentist. Although it isn’t everyone’s idea of the perfect job, there can be a lot of variation involved.

Although you may think that a dentist mainly fills cavities and extracts teeth, there are opportunities to specialize. Some decide to work on oral surgery and specific mouth diseases, while others specialize in teeth straightening.

jobs in uS

Physician Assistant

Another job that can attract a good salary is a Physician Assistant. They work under the supervision of a physician or surgeon but are trained to a high level. They are able to assist in surgery, compile treatment plans and diagnose, however, they are not allowed to prescribe.

Although this may sound frustrating, it does allow you to work in a varied area of medicine, and the opportunities for advancement are plentiful. Because they often work closely with patients, they are often highly trusted and gain a lot of respect.

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Computer Systems Analyst

This is one of the most varied jobs in IT because it mixes information technology with business. Many companies want their computer systems to work as efficiently as possible. The role of the computer systems analyst is to assess a company’s IT system and recommend ways that it can be improved and streamlined.

Things don’t stop there, however, because they are then responsible for the installation of new software, and hardware and troubleshooting issues as they arise. It’s this high level of collaboration with others that makes this job so interesting.

hospital pediatrics jobs


It is no mistake that most of the highest paid jobs in the country are in the healthcare sector. And there can’t be any as challenging as a pediatrician. They are responsible for the physical and emotional well-being of children from infancy to adulthood, and there are numerous avenues to specialize if you want to work in a particular area.

In many cases, pediatricians are drawn to this field when they are in medical school. They have an affinity with young people and a desire to help those who are most vulnerable.

In fact, the challenge is to try and diagnose those who may not always be able to explain what the problem is.

There are many other highly skilled and well-paid jobs that you can venture into, and, with a shortage of professionals in the healthcare sector at the moment, there has never been a better time to do the job you love.

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