Chicago Man Beaten Up By Mob For ‘Voting Donald Trump’

Chicago Man Beaten Up By Mob For ‘Voting Donald Trump’ [GRAPHIC VIDEO]

By Metro UK on November 10, 2016
US Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump | Johnny Louis/FilmMagic

Upsetting footage shows a man being badly beaten as he lays in the road, with onlookers shouting ‘He voted Trump!’

The victim, dressed in a blue hoodie and jeans, repeatedly tries to get up and walk back to his car, but the two young men attacking him keeping going, jeered on by a woman filming.

Throughout the video, she shouts out along with another man: ‘He voted Trump! Beat his ass! Don’t vote Trump! Don’t vote Trump!’

At least five people appear to be involved as the man takes a beating reportedly in Chicago yesterday.

The video has been widely shared on social media, seen by many as an example of race hate as the victim is a middle aged white man (the demographic most likely to go for Trump in the election).

Trump’s election has sparked riots and protests across America, with violence and hate speech reported on both sides.

Hillary Clinton supporters were filmed marching through Portland in Oregon shouting ‘f*ck Donald Trump’ and setting fire to the US flag.

In one incident in Santa Monica, Florida, a gay man said he was left covered in blood by a crowd of Trump supporters after tensions started running high between red and blue supporters in a bar on election night.

Chris Ball, a film producer, said people started saying things like ‘We got a new president you f*cking faggots’ – and when he left the bar that night, he was attacked in an alley.

Graffiti reading ‘Seig Heil’ (the Nazi slogan meaning ‘hail victory’) was daubed on a window on South Philadelphia the same day Trump won the election.

City police who dealt with it said it was the third incident they responded to in 24 hours, with three cars and a house also spray painted to read ‘Trump Rules’ and ‘Trump Rules Black Bitch’.

In riots in Oakland, more than 100 anti-Trump protesters tried to block freeways, with at least one hit by a car and ‘Kill Trump’ graffiti appeared on a wall.

There were also reports that cars were set on fire and windows of others were broken with emergency services closing down one highway to deal with the incident.

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