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#WorldCup: Placing Brazil’s 7-1 Loss In Historical Context

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Brazil’s 7-1 loss to Germany was unprecedented for the World Cup and difficult to describe.

So without wasting words, here is the historical context of the Brazilian blowout:

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Six goals and what they show about team strategy

•Germany’s seven goals were the most ever in a World Cup semifinal.

•No country scored six goals in a semifinal since 1954, when Germany beat Austria 6-1.

•No country scored five goals in a semifinal since 1958, when Brazil beat France 5-2.

•Brazil has only given up seven goals three times in an entire World Cup (1998, 1970 and 1938).

•This was the first time a team has scored their opening five goals inside the first 29 minutes. The closest was Yugoslavia scoring five against Zaire in 1974 in the opening 30 minutes.

•Germany scored its first five goals in a span of 19 minutes, a feat that has only happened three times before: Hungary vs. El Salvador (1982, 13 minutes), Poland vs. Haiti (1974, 18 minutes) and Austria vs. Switzerland (1954, 9 minutes).

•Brazil hadn’t lost a competitive match in Brazil since Sept. 30, 1975.

•Germany has now scored 223 goals in World Cup history—more than any other country, overtaking Brazil for the lead. Brazil, after its late goal, has 221. Argentina is 90 behind in third with 131.

•Brazil’s worst previous loss in a match was in 1920—a 6-0 loss to Uruguay at the 1920 South American Championship.

•The three biggest losses ever in Cup history were nine-goal margins: Hungary-El Salvador (10-1), Yugoslavia-Zaire (9-0) and Hungary-South Korea (9-0).

(via WSJ)

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