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11-Year-Old Becomes A Popular Spiritual Healer After Making Blind Father See Again (PICTURED)

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A young boy is helping people with his spiritual powers.

11-year-old Thobelani Ntaka of Verulam, South Africa, became known as a good traditional healer, and many people flock to him.

He is apparently a powerful spiritual healer. However, life has not always been kind to Ntaka, whose mother died when he was just 18 months old.

His partially blind father, 45-year-old Vusumuzi Ntaka, said that his son has taken care of himself and of his father since he was 4 years old.

“I became completely blind in 2007, and had to depend on him to take me to the hospital,” said Vusumuzi.

In 2010, Thobelani disappeared for three days. Luckily, he was found near a beach in Durban.

“I was surprised when he told me that he had been at sea where he received healing powers. I thought he was too young to be a healer. That was until he touched my eyes and gave me a bit of my sight back in one eye,” the father explained.

The 11-year-old boy receives more than 100 phone calls a day from people requesting his services.

“I cannot keep up with everyone,” the boy said. Some healers feel threatened by me. Others have asked me to work under them, but I refused,” he said.

However, the boy said that he makes sure that nothing interferes with his school work because he wants to be a pilot one day.

(via YJ News)

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