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10 Amazing And Simple Ways To Meet A Partner In 2016

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Being “left on the shelf” is a very real fear for a lot of women. If we haven’t met someone by the time we’re 18, we begin to panic and get anxious when we think about our future security. After all, our friends all seem to have already met the love of their life, so why can’t we?

The funny thing is that, despite the rise of technology, we continue to worry about where and howwe’re going to meet a partner in 2016. We go to clubs but Mr Right isn’t there. We go to work each day thinking Mr Right might appear at the fax machine, but he never does. We agree to meet up with friends of friends, hoping that Mr Right might be somewhere in there, but he never is. So where is he?!

The truth is that meeting a partner in 2016 can be incredibly simple. Let’s take a look at some simple yet amazing ways you can meet a guy.

Change Gyms

Have you been going to the same old gym for the last few years, hoping to meet a partner, only for them to never show? Nowadays you probably just go to the gym to actually work out, and to ignore it if anyone thinking you look really sweaty and unattractive.

You should try a new gym. A new gym will open your eyes to all the cute people you’ve been missing out on all this time. It will widen your prospects and give you a peep into new people you haven’t met before.

Try Speed Dating

Okay, yes, speed dating can be nerve wracking. You have to sit down at a table and chat to someone for a few minutes in the faint hope that you might like them and they might like you. It seems like such a strange concept, but at least there shouldn’t be any awkward silences!

But can you really meet a partner when you’ve only got 3 minutes to impress them? Well, yes, you can! The whole concept of speed dating is beautiful; you’ve literally got 3 minutes to see if you can make a connection with someone. It’s exciting and exhilarating, and who knows? You might come out with someone’s phone number.

The Singles Dinner Party

Okay, this isn’t actually a dinner party just for singles. That would be lame. Instead, what we suggest you do is arrange to have a dinner party with friends with one catch: Everyone must bring along a friend who is single.

And the friend has to be attractive.

And normal.

And definitely single.

You know, no rings, no 6 wives or any of that tomfoolery.

Take A Dog For A Walk

Ever seen the 2000’s rom-com Must Love Dogs? It was a cute film starring Diane Lane and John Cusack. The setup was that Diane Lane’s character was roped into creating a dating profile that said any potential suitor “must love dogs.”

The truth is that meeting someone can really be just a dog walk away.

Walking your dog in the park gives you the chance to bump into dog walkers of the opposite sex. You already have something in common, and striking up a conversation is often just as simple as, “cute dog. What is its breed?”

And if you don’t have a dog, borrow one! Seriously.

(But don’t steal one. If you’re tempted to steal, move onto the next suggestion).

Go To A Sports Game

Lots of single guys go to sports games each weekend, so if you rock up at a soccer, basketball or ice hockey game, you’re destined to see plenty of single men.

Of course, guys go to “the game” to watch their favourite sports team in action. The last thing they thought would happen is that you’d walk into their life.

But guys love explaining sports to women who have taken an interest in them. If you can manage to sit next to a cute single guy and play the “I’M SO CONFUSED BY SPORTS” routine, you’ve got a starring chance.

Hit A Convention

Okay, this one probably only really works if you’re into conventions. But if you are, it’s time you stopped obsessing over trying to get Jim Parson’s autograph and switched focus to trying to find a partner.

Because they are out there. Yes, you might have to convince them to put down the light sabre first, but once you’re past this stage, promising times may lie ahead.

Change Careers

Changing career can be pretty daunting, and you should probably only do it if you really are bored with your current career and want to challenge yourself by trying something else.

But … you could also change careers if you want to meet a partner!

We suggest that you do some research first, though, and find careers where men outnumber the women. But there are certainly ample opportunities out there for a woman who is young, confident, fearless, ambitious and attractive.

And, hey, if you really do want a career change for the good of your professional life, you’re really killing two birds with one stone. Get on it.


Weddings have traditionally been a place for single men and women to hook up. Everyone is taken in by the mood and the fact that someone has just got married that we all want a piece of it!

The problem is that we all too often forget that a wedding is a great place to meet a partner of our own because we’re so caught up in the moment. We’re busy catching the bouquet, having our photograph taken or drinking too many cocktails. The next time you’re invited to a wedding, make the most of it.

Get In Line!

So, this one is, like, so simple it’s ridiculous. Simply put, whenever you’re queueing up somewhere for ages – like Starbucks – you should say to the guy next to you, “what’s with this line?” Strike up a conversation about your mutual interest – the queue – and see where it takes you!

Online Dating

It’s 2016 and you haven’t even thought about online dating? It’s time to give it a shot.

Contrary to popular belief, online dating is not full of strange people, and it’s actually a really cool, amazing and simple place to meet a partner in 2016. There are lots of men out there, it’s just a case of finding the one for you.

How to meet new people? What are your tips?

Stay happy!

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