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10 Characteristics That Will Instantly Make You Wife Material

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Divorce rates around the world have never been higher as getting a separation becomes increasingly easy. But divorce is still the heartbreaking process that it always has been, and as such we all need to put our boyfriends under greater scrutiny than ever before to make sure they are husband material.

At the same time, though, our partners are also putting us under the microscope to make sure that we are wife material. And because marriage is meant to be for life, and is meant to last through troubles and wealth, we simply can’t put a foot wrong if we want to be wife material.

If you are a little unsure regarding what characteristics you need to make the great big leap from mere girlfriend to wife for life, let’s take a look at 10 tips on how to be a good wife.

1. You Know That The Way To His Heart Is Via His Stomach

Men love food. Sure, women love food too, but men love it more. In fact, they love it so much that for some whether their partner is a good cook or a bad cook is enough to be a deal breaker when it comes to getting hitched.

If you are a dab hand in the kitchen and can rustle up the tastiest, most flavoursome meal this side of the Mediterranean, he will love you forever. On the other hand, if you can’t tell a chicken from a turkey, and if you consider cereal to be a meal, you’re going to struggle to get him to go down on one knee.

2. You Just Love To Surprise Him

Another tip on how to be a good wife is to surprise your man from time to time. Okay, women love surprises, and we perhaps enjoy them more than men. But guys still love surprises too – it’s just they prefer different kinds of surprises.

See, whilst we get all sentimental when our beau brings home a bouquet of flowers, guys just love it when you surprise them by telling them they can go away on a golfing weekend with their buddies. If you are going to make a great wife, you need to make sure he knows that you’ll let him enjoy his bits of freedom with his friends now and then.

3. You Don’t Nag Too Much

Next important tip on how to be a good wife is to avoid nagging your man by all means. If ever there was something to see your application to be wife material ripped up and set ablaze, it’s the fact that you nag.

Ladies, all guys will admit that the thing that scares them most about getting hitched is The Great Nag.

They come home, you tell them they’re late and dinner is burned.

They try to wash the dishes, you tell them they’re not doing it right.

They have a shower, you tell them they’ve left a towel on the floor.

They go to the soccer game, you demand to know what time they’ll be home.

This kind of repetition is annoying, and sooner or later your man will just want to scream. So be sensitive and take things a little bit easier. We all make mistakes from time to time, but you don’t need to keep nagging him about his.

4. You Encourage His Dreams And Ambitions

Another great tip on how to be a good wife is to make sure that you respect and encourage your man’s dreams and ambitions. In fact, rather than tell him he’s being silly and that he needs to be rational and work 9-5 all his life just to give you security, you need to encourage him to follow his dreams.

Naturally, you should be sensible about all this. If his dream means that he’s going to make you both homeless, you need to talk things over with him. But never dampen his dreams by ordering him to “get real.”

5. You Have Interests and Ambition

Traditionally, guys have always been the leaders in relationships. They are the ones who go to work and forge careers, whilst we stay at home to cook and look after the little ones. Things have definitely changed by 2015, and more women than ever before have careers.

And this is a good thing. Guys now want you to show some interests and ambitions of your own. Rather than follow him around the house with your brush and spade, they want you to get out there and make something of yourself. They want you to have your own interests and hobbies and be able to express your talents.

6. You Let Him Do His Thing

Sure, there is nothing better than a married couple spending lots of quality time together, whether it’s on vacation, at a restaurant or just in front of the television on a Friday night.

But you have to respect the fact that he’s a guy who still has his own buddies that he will want to see now and then. So rather than demand that he stays in with you all the time, you need to let him do his thing now and then. Otherwise, he’ll grow frustrated and he’ll feel trapped. Sure, he tells you “everything”, but there are some things – such as sports – that he prefers discussing with his buds.

7. You’re Pleasant

Lots of ladies look up to Marilyn Monroe, but the truth is that she wasn’t the easiest woman to get along with. Her third husband, Arthur Miller, was tearing his hair out thanks to her mood swings and her constant scowling. In fact, the only time she ever did smile was in public. This did not make for a happy marriage.

So our next tip on how to be a good wife is to be nice to your man at all times. Sure, there is nothing worse than artificial happiness, and we do all get a case of the blues now and then. But you do at least need to make sure you are kind and caring to your man, rather than angry, scowling and generally unpleasant. The last thing he wants to see after a long day at work is your face of thunder!

8. You Have Great Management And Organisational Skills

Guys tend to be fairly carefree, which can lead to financial troubles. So it’s often always up to us ladies to manage the day-to-day things, such as the bills and the laundry.

Sure, these are chores we would rather not do, but if a marriage is going to work, it’s just something we have to suck up. Hey, there can be ice cream at the end of it all!

9. You Enjoy Making Love

Next useful tip on how to be a good wife is to be readily available to your man. Be generous to him and entertain his desires. If you have past issues that you are not yet over, you really need to get over them first before you get married. It will only cause a rupture in the long-term, and it will only make both of you unhappy.

Your husband doesn’t want to get a bum deal out of marriage – he wants you there for him. Intimacy is at the foundation of a successful marriage and he needs it.

10. You’re Trust worthy

As well as being able to trust that you will stay faithful to him, your beau needs to be able to trust every aspect of you before he marries you. He needs to trust that you won’t max out on his credit card and get them in debt. He needs to trust that you won’t become fanatical about dieting, encouraging him to do the same. And he needs to trust that you won’t become jealous about his past.

How to be a good wife? What are your tips?

Stay happy!

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