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Ladies, 5 Sex Fantasies Guys Really WISH You’d Try

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Make your guy’s wildest dream come true … literally!

Asking “What do men want in bed?” is actually different from asking what men like in bed. Like means what he prefers, what he anticipates and what gets him going.

Asking what he wants is a loaded question because that’s connecting yourself very closely to his ego and the deepest regions of his mind where there are a cast of thousands just ready to service his every desire.

So if you’re trying to guess what a man is thinking and what he really wants, then you’re boldly going where few women would dare trek. Just asking him what his deepest, darkest fantasies are may elicit a nervous little giggle from him, since he’s probably not ready to let you inside this mental Babylon of orgies, destruction and sexy superhero hijinks.

What Do Men Want In Bed? The G-Rated Answer

Men want sex, but you knew that right? More to the point, we want to know that you are enjoying sex.

It might surprise you to know that even the most puffed up alpha male just wants reassurance that you’re enjoying yourself. This means initiating sex more often, telling him exactly what you want (and how hard you want it) and talking like a Tarantino movie when the situation merits it.

This may sound cooky, but many guys actually WANT to objectified during sex. So if you really want to surprise a man and evoke his animal urges, take the lead and go psycho-sexual on him. Unless you’re dating a muppet, he won’t mind — trust us!

What Do Men Want In Bed? The X-Rated Answer

Alright, let’s get dirty. If you really want to know the unspeakable fantasies a man is thinking behind those fawning eyes, it’s likely it’s one of these top five fantasies.

Now mind you, just because a man is thinking these kinky things doesn’t mean he wants to do them in real life. Just a fantasy involving these elements is enough to satisfy some men. Then again, maybe you would blow his mind by trying something really special and freaky on his birthday. You have to determine how far to take it.

1. More Crazy Sex Positions

Your guy probably wants to try the entire Kama Sutra, even if it’s for no other reason than to see you naked more often.

2. A Sex Tape

Almost every guy would love to have a secret personal porn stash involving you and him, whether it’s for sentimental reasons, fetishistic reasons or as a means to blackmail you years from now if you ever leave him. (Just kidding.)

Or maybe he just fancies himself a Charlie Sheen-level sex pervert and wants some physical evidence that will hold up in court.

3. Louder Orgasms

This doesn’t just mean more expressive emotions, more dirty talk or more openness — he literally wants you to lose control and allow yourself to express whatever feeling comes up as adamantly as you want.

No faking it though. If you really want to impress him, make it real and forget about the neighbors.

4. More Booty

Whether it’s something really porn-inspired like anal sex, light anal play or just giving you a little spanking, most guys are butt-obsessed and secretly want a lot more to do down there than you’re giving them.

Do the booty test on him and tell him to spank you. If he lights up like a kid in a candy store, you know you’re on the right track.

5. Threesome Sex

Like it or not, men think about giving his seed away to all takers, especially in your presence. It’s something wrapped up in our caveman genes.

A tag team assault on his penis or a bisexual woman teasing you both is a common fantasy. Even if it’s not something you’re down with, fantasizing about friends, acquaintances or random passersby will suffice and make him super horny.

There you have it. Your average man’s kinkiest fantasies in a nutshell.

Now that’s not to say that he’s confessed everything. The answer to what men really want in bed is often a personal one that only he and you can share. If he has something even kinkier, then by all means, drag it out of him and spice up your sex life!

This article originally appeared on Your Tango: 5 Sex Fantasies Guys Really WISH You’d Try 

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