10 Convincing Reasons To Avoid One Night Stands

10 Convincing Reasons To Avoid One Night Stands

By Beauty And Tips on February 8, 2015
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One night stands are no longer frowned upon, as much they used to be, and the odd one, now and then, is no longer socially unacceptable. However, whilst we are not the ones to judge, there are some very good reasons to avoid them and here are just 10 of those reasons for you to think of, some touching on the moral and others purely practical:

1. One night stands aren’t safe

First and foremost, you should consider your own safety. A one night stand, whether it’s with somebody you know or somebody that you’ve never met before, is putting you in a vulnerable position with a man that, at best, you don’t know very well. Would you risk your safety and your future life for an un-guaranteed moment of extase and fleeting frénésie?

2. What about your reputation?

You don’t want to get a reputation of being ‘easy’, because, even in today’s liberated and tolerant society, if you have that kind of unflattering reputation, you will scare off all the good guys.

3. How about your health?

We don’t want to get too medical about this, but you know the risks. There are enough people out there with STD’s and you don’t want to be another. If he’s doing this with you, he’s probably done it before with others too.

4. …and your self-respect?

How are you going to feel about this in the morning? Once the passion, and possibly the alcohol, have worn off, remember that you will have to face yourself in the morning in the mirror.

5. He might live with his mother!

That’s enough moralizing, what about some of the practicalities? If you find yourself taking your shoes off at the door and tiptoeing quietly up the stairs to his bedroom, make sure that it’s not so you don’t wake his mother! That’ll make for an interesting breakfast. :)

6. He may not have had time to shower

There may not be time for the niceties of a shower in a moment of unbridled passion…fine, so long as it’s not been a week since his last one.

7. He might think that it’s true love and that you are his soulmate!

It might be a one night stand for you, but in his eyes it could be the beginning of a lasting relationship. Be careful that you don’t end up with an ‘I can’t live without you’ stalker on your tail.

8. You could end up as an overnight internet sensation!

Some guys like to take a picture of their latest conquest and post it on the internet, so be sure that you know what he’s doing with his phone in the morning, while you’re still sleeping, otherwise this one night stand can cost you a lot!

9. If it’s someone that you really like, you could blow it with a one night stand

You might think that a one night stand is the path to find your way to someone’s heart, but whilst they are more than happy to jump into bed with you and boast about it to their friends, that one night could take you off their list of contenders for good.

10. You’ve got to live with it afterwards…

If it is with someone that you know, perhaps a work colleague, then remember that you’ve still got to talk to them and possibly work with them tomorrow! Once you’ve shared that intimacy, it will be difficult to treat this person the same way again, as a friend or a workmate.

Do you see one night stands as a deeply meaningful and fun activity or do you prefer to avoid them?

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