10 Expectations That Marriage Doesn’t Meet

10 Expectations That Marriage Doesn’t Meet

By iDIVA on March 11, 2015
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We all have our own expectations regarding marriage. A fairy tale wedding, a loving partner and a commitment of a lifetime, you want all this and more if you plan to walk down the aisle. But did you know that there are many expectations that marriage doesn’t meet? You may probably think that tying the knot and living with someone 24×7, would mean that it’s going to make you happy at all times and there will be no dull moments to your journey. But this definitely isn’t the case. We list 10 marriage related expectations that aren’t going to be met for sure.

Love will suffice: Most of us are under the impression that love is enough to make a marriage work and if you are madly in love, everything else will fall in place. But you’ll be surprised to find that love is just a part of the marriage deal. There’s more compromising and adjusting to do.

End of monotony: We have the notion of marriage being an exciting activity that will leave us with no dull moments or monotonous routines. But hey, once the honeymoon period is over, the monotony will set in too, so don’t be too sure that it won’t happen to you.

Communication needs no effort: Even if you are living in the same house and coming back home everyday to the same person, communicating will take that extra effort because after a tiring day at work, you sure don’t want to chit chat.

No solution to friendliness: If you plan to bid adieu to all your friends and folks because you are married, it’s a big mistake! Marriage does not mean that you’ll be around your partner or people forever. There will be many moments when you will need your friends.

It will be fair and square: Nothing will ever be fair. You’ll have to do things you don’t like, cook food you don’t eat and probably even do chores for others at home. You might think you are giving in more than you get in return, but trust us, it’s all part of the deal.

He will change: Do you plan to marry your partner because you think he will change? Well, wake up girl, it isn’t happening! He will not change and nor will you.

Marriage will always make you happy: No it won’t. Sorry to break your bubble, but marriage can be frustrating. And there surely will be moments when you will want to pull out your hair and cry out loud, but you’ll get past it. For the most parts, it will make you happy.

He will fulfill all your needs: For the lucky ones, yes they will, but for most people marrying isn’t a solution to fulfilling their wish of not working. He may be able to feed you well, but if you want to live on your own terms, you might want to earn some bucks too.

You will always be attracted to him: You think he is the best looking man you’ve ever seen? Yes, that might be true but that doesn’t mean you’ll never find anyone else attractive. You might find other men hot and there’s nothing wrong with that. As long as you’re faithful to your man.

He will never disappoint you: You are both only human and there will be times when you feel extremely disappointed in him. There will be times when he doesn’t understand you or your stand and cannot guess your needs. It’s alright, be prepared to forgive.

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