10 Home Decor Tips For Creating More Inspiring Living Space

10 Home Decor Tips For Creating More Inspiring Living Space

By Beauty And Tips on February 10, 2015
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After a hard day’s work, your home is where you can kick off your shoes and relax. It’s where you can feel one hundred percent comfortable and where you can express yourself freely. How you decorate your home can say about the person that you are. Your home can also be a space that motivates you so; here are ten tips for creating an inspiring living space, just for you:1. Clear up the clutterIf your living space is cluttered, no home decor tips will help. This is why, clear up your workspace and your living area and then you will find it much easier to motivate yourself. It doesn’t matter what else you do to the décor of your living area, if you don’t keep it clean and organised, you will never be able to see the wood for the trees.

2. Display your accomplishments

Don’t be bashful about your accomplishments, display them for all to see. Get some nice picture frames for your college degree, a photo of you completing a marathon or your employee of the month certificate and display them all on a wall in a prominent place.

3. Think about the lighting and don’t forget the candles 

How you light your home can be very important, when it comes to creating a mood. While clear, bright lighting is essential for work areas, table lamps, candles and floor lamps set a more relaxing mood for living areas.

4. Pictures of the family

Another one of great home decor tips is to put happy pictures of your family on display. Pictures of the kids can be a great inspiration, especially, if you are working hard to provide them with all the things they need to be successful themselves. Display them somewhere that they are easy to see and then you get an extra boost of motivation, whenever you need it.

5. Bring some of the outdoors inside

One of the greatest home decor tips is to bring the beauty of nature into your home. Whatever the season, fresh cut flowers or some pot plants will always lift your mood and bring a little brightness into the room. Bringing a little piece of nature into your living space is a simple way to add some colour and freshness and you can change them regularly, to match the changing of the seasons.

6. Leave yourself some motivational messages

You don’t need to redecorate, to make your living space more motivational. You could just leave some little notes to yourself around the home. A post note on the mirror, to remind yourself how gorgeous you are or a ‘you can do it’ message to give yourself a confidence and boost, it might be all you need to inspire you in the mornings.

7. Art that talks to you

Bare walls are simply uninspiring, so another one of good home decor tips is to decorate yours with some original works of art. It could be a picture of a place that you have very happy memories of or a place that you’d love to go. It will make your home feel cosier and serve as a reminder of where you have been and where you will be going.

8. Pin your dreams to the wall

What better way is there, to remind yourself why you got up earlier in the morning, than to have all your dreams and aspirations clearly listed on a notice board in your living space. Create your own motivational board and pin up inspirational mottos and a list of your dreams. A quick glance at this will soon put you in the mood for success.

9. Have a well organised book shelf

A good collection of books can be inspirational too, especially, when they are arranged neatly in your living room on a shelf. Fill it with books that inspire and motivate you, because reading gives you both knowledge and the will to succeed.

10. Open the windows

The simplest and cheapest thing that you can do to make your home more inspirational is to open the windows! Let the fresh air and the natural light into your living space and it will instantly lift your mood and your spirit.

What are your best home decor tips?

Stay happy!

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