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10 Important Qualities Women Should Look Out For In Men

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You may have your own list of qualities that would make a man boyfriend material, and there probably is no such thing as the perfect fit, but there are some qualities that every girl has a right to expect from a man. This is not about being picky, or expecting too much, these are the things that matter if you are planning to spend a lot of time with a guy. So, get your list of what you are looking for in a man, and compare it to ours, because these are ten of the most important qualities of a good boyfriend.

1. Loyalty

We should all be able to expect that our partners won’t cheat on us, but loyalty goes further than just that. A good boyfriend is one who will stick by you and stand up for you when you need him as well. A good way to tell if he will be a loyal boyfriend is to check out how honest and reliable he is with his friends and family.

2. Respect

You should never be made to be uncomfortable by your boyfriend and he should always treat you with the utmost respect. That means never ridiculing you or running you down, and always keeping his promises. Respect is one of the most important qualities of a good boyfriend, because just about everything else that you need will follow on from that.

3. Attentiveness

A boyfriend should be a friend, as well as a lover, and for that, he needs to pay attention to your needs, and your problems. He should be someone that you know you can talk to, and, just as importantly, someone who you know will actually listen. If he can’t be bothered to listen to your concerns and fears, then he is not what you need in a boyfriend.

4. Sense of humour

This is definitely one of very important qualities of a good boyfriend. If a guy can make you laugh, then you know you are on to a good thing. Not everyone wants a man who is always making jokes and fooling around, but a sense of humour is an important trait to look for in a man. Look for a guy who doesn’t take himself too seriously, that is always a good indication that he is a relaxed and fun loving man to be around.

5. Kindness

A man who can be a man when he needs to be, but can be kind and gentle too, that’s the kind of man that will make a great boyfriend. If he can show kindness to other people: to his family and to children, for example, then you know that he is capable of being kind and thoughtful toward you too.

6. Confidence

Confidence in a man is always an attractive trait, so watch for how he behaves with other people and the posture that he adopts. You don’t want someone who is cocky and arrogant, but a man with healthy self esteem who can hold his own, and stand up for you, is a man who will be able to take care of you when you need him to.

7. Honesty

Honesty, from day one, is an essential part of any relationship and, if there is any sign of dishonesty at all, you should be thinking hard about whether this is the right guy for you. A good boyfriend would never tell a lie, because even a little lie, is breach of your trust and it is showing you a lack of that, all important, respect that we mentioned before.

8. Sense of achievement and ambition

There is no reason why a man should not be proud of his achievements, so long as he’s not always boasting about them, it’s a good sign that he has ambition and that he wants to improve himself. It also means that he will take pride in how he treats you and in how he looks after himself, so we think that sense of achievement deserves a place in this list of qualities of a good boyfriend.

9. Intelligence

A guy doesn’t need to take an IQ test to be a good boyfriend, but it does help if he can string a sentence together and is able to go out on his own without getting lost! At the very least, it would be good if he took an interest in what goes on the world around him and he can express an opinion. You want a boyfriend who you can hold a conversation with and who isn’t just looking for someone to take care of him.

10. Generosity

Generosity is definitely a part of important qualities of a good boyfriend. A good boyfriend will be a man who is generous with his time and with the material things that he has. You can’t put a price tag on a boyfriend and judge him by what he can afford to buy you, but he should be willing to share what he does have with you and do his best for you whenever he can.

What are qualities of a good boyfriend? What are your thoughts?

Stay happy!

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