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10 Mistakes You Are Probably Making When Removing Your Makeup

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For most people, removing makeup is the last thing that you do at night and you want it to be done as soon as possible. That is, if you remember to do it at all. Removing makeup, though is, perhaps, not quite as simple as you had thought. There are some simple rules to be followed, that will make sure that you get all the makeup removed and that could make all the difference to the health of your skin. If you are one of those who think that makeup removal is a one minute job and it can be done with a makeup wipe alone, then you should read these ten makeup removal mistakes that you are probably making.

1. The golden rule of makeup removal is doing it!

We couldn’t have a list of makeup removal mistakes, without including the biggest mistake of all. Never skip removing your makeup at night, however tired you are or how little makeup you have on. At night, your skin regenerates itself and, if your pores are blocked up with makeup, it won’t be able to do this. If you leave your makeup on overnight, your complexion will suffer and you could experience frequent breakouts.

2. You are only using makeup wipes

While makeup wipes might appear to be a quick and easy way to remove makeup, they don’t do a very thorough job of it. Makeup wipes don’t cleanse your skin properly; they just remove the top layer of makeup. They are good to use for the first step of removing makeup, but you will still need to cleanse after that.

3. You are not tying your hair back

You need to put your hair up in a bun or a pony tail when you remove your makeup. This is not just to stop your hair getting covered in gunk, it’s also so that you can remove the makeup, right up to the hair line.

4. You are wiping away mascara in the wrong direction

You have to be particularly careful when removing mascara or you will break your lashes and pull some of them out. Close your eyes and gently remove mascara by wiping them in the direction that they grow.

5. You are leaving your lips until last

Your lips should be the first thing that you remove makeup from and definitely not the last. Whether you have been wearing a nude lipstick or a bold long-lasting lipstick, when you remove it, some of it is bound to get smeared on your face. Make this first job that you do when you remove cosmetic products from your face, and any smears will get removed later with the rest of your makeup.

6. You are not taking your time with your eyes

The skin around your eyes is very delicate and if you are rushing the removal of eye makeup, you might bruise your skin and make your eyes red. Never rub your eyes to remove makeup, soak a cotton pad in eye makeup remover and leave to sit with your eyes closed for a few moments. Then, gently wipe the makeup away.

7. You are using cotton balls

Cotton wool is made of tiny fibres. These fibres can be ever so slightly abrasive on the skin if you rub hard with them, and also some of the fibres can get left behind on your skin and get into your eyes. The best things to use to remove makeup are the cotton pads, which don’t leave any stray fibres behind on the skin.

8. You are not using wipes at all

Having said that wipes alone can’t do a proper job of removing makeup, nor can a facial cleanser. Use a wipe first, to take off the surface layers of makeup, and then use a cleanser for the deep down cleaning. If you use a cleanser alone, all you will be doing is moving the makeup around on your face and forcing it further down into your pores.

9. You are not double cleansing

You should also always double cleanse, to ensure that you leave your pores completely makeup free. Remove the makeup and cleanse your face once, then wash and then cleanse your face again. This will get your skin super-clean, and it will get the blood circulation going too, which will help give you a clear and rosy complexion.

10. You are not using steam

This is not essential for every time you remove your makeup, but if you do it once in a while, it will get your pores really clean. Soak a towel in some hot water, let it cool for a while and place it over your face for a couple of minutes (make sure the towel is not too hot). The steam will open up your pores and soften your skin, so that any residue of makeup will come easily out of your pores.

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