10 Reasons You Aren’t Who You Think You Are

10 Reasons You Aren’t Who You Think You Are

By Lifestyles | The Trent on June 27, 2014


#1 You are probably in the One Percent



There are definitely a percentage of guys who default on taxes, take the bailouts and also behave like super-villains. Do not start off the curses – it is very likely that you are also one in the group. The leading earners are present across the globe. The UN reports that about half the number of people on this globe live with an income of $2 or less per day; about a third survive with $1 or less. Therefore entry into the one percent is easier. Even a middle-class American earns much more than that. So you are richer than you think.


#2 You are Actually Uglier than You Think


You think you are quite attractive? Think again. On a scale of 10, a self-rating of 7 or more oozes confidence but it may be a lie. Humans have an inherent quality that makes us overconfident about our looks to hilarious levels! In one study, scientists invited a group of volunteers to take their pictures. These were modified into 3 ranges: super-ugly, normal and supermodel hot. When these were presented to volunteers to choose their unmodified picture, all of them chose the supermodel hot. Their peers picked the normal one. So giving yourself a rating of 5 is more justified.


#3 You are Significantly More Average Than You Think


All of us tend to believe that we are above average in anything and everything. The Scientific American revealed that about 93% of drivers and 94% of professors thought of themselves as above average. Even those with high paying jobs are pretty ordinary. T.S. Eliot’s words are so true “humankind cannot stand very much reality”. Our ego may refuse to accept this truth. Further if it ever does, then it could go into depression. A depressed individual will give himself / herself a rating of 3 when most of us would prefer 7 or more. Self-delusion is an important need.

#4 You are Less Rational Than You Think


Whatever your personality, one thing is for certain – you are not as rational as you think you are. As per science; beliefs can cloud your mind to such an extent where you will end up disbelieving 2 and 2 equals 4 (literally). Researchers held a study with 1,111 participants. They were questioned about their views on politics and tested for their numerical ability. Two fake studies were provided to them – one about a facial cream and the other about gun control. The self-proclaimed liberals/conservatives literally forgot their mathematics and gave an illogical but desirable answer. So strong was their opinion.


#5 You Might Be Immortal


Smile – you may be the immortal one as per the quantum theory of immortality. You may end up cheating death perpetually. This quantum world has the “observer” who is the cause for all possible outcomes to become one. In a myriad of possibilities you may end up being this observer! The implications though are quite bizarre. Since you cannot observe the universe when you die, you will have to when you live. Your family and friends in the parallel universe may see you die many times when they become immortal. Sounds insane but chances are that it can be true.


#6 You Come From Space


Not literally though. The real meaning is that every minute bit of you belongs to space. The atoms are the basic components of everything on this earth. They cannot be destroyed. Each atom in your body was present in a star – this may be billions of years ago. However this is a fact. So the atoms present in your body have been around for about 13 billion years! They originated in a star – blasted into space – built the Earth. For facts: we share about 200 billion atoms of a genius like Shakespeare. We know very less about our strange history.


#7 You Will Never Find Happiness


True happiness is always elusive. If you are currently unhappy but hope for a better future, then you better take heart. Chances are that you may never find happiness. Unless you are depressed, you are probably happier at present as much as you would be in future. In an experiment, researches compared a mixed group of people who had either a dreadful accident or won a lottery with a control group. Results were of course puzzling. All of them reflected the same level of happiness. Some believe happiness to return at some point in time but it will probably not.

#8 You are Incapable of Making Intelligent Choices


Making a choice is difficult – even in day to day life. For instance if you want to be in New York – would you drive or take a plane? Researchers say that even simple decisions involve very illogical mind gymnastics. It is an unfortunate fact that our brain is in capable of managing probability. Post 9/11, many preferred road travel. This also led to a sudden increase in road accidents. Our brain shuts down at times. The tendency to drive close to cyclists wearing helmets or to go faster when the seat belts are fastened is all due to this incapability.

#9 You are Destined for Poverty


Poverty is not destined to particular groups of people. As per a recent Press report, about 80% American adults were in this group – at some point or the other. This is pure statistics and does not mean that everyone reading will fall into this category. Economic hardships will always be a part of everyone’s life. A majority of adults will definitely experience hardships/poverty before they are 60 years old. The best part is that this may last only for a year or so. This may happen if you have been especially unlucky. This is a fact and will affect everyone.


#10 Your Memories are Fake


It is important to note that most memories that you have are actually fake. The reality may be something other than what you remember. A group of students were studied to understand this fact. They were to note down their personal experience of the exploding shuttle immediately post the event. They were then instructed to re-write the same after a period of 3 years. The results showed that the versions were not matching – creepy but true. One participant recognized his handwriting but did not agree with the content! The best of memories too cannot really remember the facts for long.

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