10 Reasons Why Funny Men Are Hot

10 Reasons Why Funny Men Are Hot

By Metro UK on March 20, 2015
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Funny men are sexy. Fact. 

According to a recent study, when it comes to attraction, women are genetically wired to fall for men who can make them laugh.

Forget chiselled looks or highbrow intellect – there is more than just the appreciation of a good joke that makes a funny guy so hot.

He can laugh at himself

A naturally funny man will, not only be able to deliver a cracking one-liner, but will also demonstrate the seductive ability to laugh at himself.

Unlike your classically good-looking-with-not-much-up-top breed of man, a funny guy knows he’s not perfect but uses his imperfections to reel you in, turning his insecurities into weapons of mass seduction to blow you away.

He’s emotionally intelligence

And it’s not just his emotions and vulnerabilities he’ll be in-tune with either.

When it comes to being understanding in a relationship, funny guys make sure your tears are always ones of laughter.

He surrounds himself with positive people

When you view the world as half-full, there is little room for negativity.

A man who can see the funny side of life won’t waste his with energy drainers.

He’s a lover not a fighter

He’s also more likely to keep things in perspective than a man who takes himself too seriously, and less likely to sweat the small stuff – meaning less eggshells and more honesty for you.

He’s had to work harder

Not to suggest that you hilarious boyfriend was ‘that’ funny kid at school but people who are natural entertainers in later life, often developed the skill as a way of either getting noticed or emotionally protecting themselves when they were young.

So the good news is your funny boyfriend might not look like David Gandy, but he has an awesome SOH and doesn’t take things for granted (read:you)

Double win.

He’s clever

Toilet humour and knock-knock jokes aside, humour often steams from creativity, seeing connections and timing – so long as people are laughing with him not at him, it’s safe to say that the funny guy is as bright as he is witty.

He’s more fun than a cold

Laughing, orgasms and sneezing – they’re more similar than you think.

A rush of adrenaline, sudden flushes, shortness of breath, butterflies – you can either catch a cold or catch a funny boyfriend.

He’s great in bed

Whilst I’m not suggesting that the easiest way to reach orgasm is by listening to jokes about three men walking into a bar, there is something sexy about being with someone who uses humour to make you feel relaxed and comfortable in the sack.

You’ll never be bored

Stuck in a lift with Owen Wilson or David Beckham? Ok, scrap that … married for life to Owen Wilson or David Beckham?

Looks fade – a killer SOH doesn’t.

Jim Carrey, Eddy Murphy, Russell Brand, Jimmy Carr, David Walliams, Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, Chris Rock …

I rest my case.

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