10 Reasons You MUST Have Sex Tonight!

10 Reasons You MUST Have Sex Tonight!

By iDIVA on February 2, 2015
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Ever wondered how sex can make your love life better than it is now? Well, for starters, it can make your man fall in love with you over and over again and make you look and feel way younger than you really are. Relive the intimacy and feel like you’re on honeymoon again with some mind-blowing sex. Here are some reasons why you must have sex tonight.

Improve your self esteem: Having sex makes you ten times more desirable. Spending an entire night with your man, being touched intimately will make you feel so beautiful and loved that your self esteem will soar through the roof.

Less insecure: Often when your bed is cold, you tend to wonder if your man is straying or has just lost interest in you. But continue to have sex with him making new memories and you will never feel insecure nor will you want to turn into a sleuth to find out what’s cooking.

De-stress you: Having a bad day at work? Well, there is big possibility that you might end up snapping at your man when home. But if you have sex instead, trust us, snapping will be the last thing on your mind.

Goodbye wrinkles: Scientific theories have shown that when you have sex more frequently, your wrinkles are reduced and you look way younger. Now don’t you want to stay young and pert for your man forever?

Jealous glasses on: It is said that having sex regularly gives you that extra edge and adds that oomph to your walk. You will come across as uber sexy to the men around and we are sure your partner is going to turn green with jealousy. As he wraps an arm around you, plan your next romp between the sheets 😉

Drop a dress size: Your body is going to be so toned after some serious action in bed. Try a few GOT positions and you will drop a dress size in no time. Say goodbye to those love handles and welcome those sexy calves that will take his breath away.

Sleep on: You will never have to take a sleeping pill again, if you have a lot of sex and cuddle up after. You and your man will both be sated with so much sex and sleep like babies. With such sleep comes satisfaction and so much intimacy.

Fertile: Believe it or not, but sex often makes you more fertile and increases the flow of hormones. So if you’re not interested in starting a family just yet, do use reliable protection. And if you do want a baby, keep on making love!

Goodbye headaches: Sex takes away headaches and how! It makes you less grumpy and more happy. When you are all sunshine and smiles, life around is bound to get happier. So just have lots of sex and your guy will love the new you.

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