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10 Reasons Why Love Affairs Fail

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There are always reasons for everything that happens in life, and the same holds true for breakups. If you’re aiming for a relationship that’s practically fail-proof, you’d have to know some of the reasons why so many relationships end badly. So, let’s take a look at these top 10 reasons why relationships fail, and perhaps find a way to avoid these issues to keep the love alive with you and your significant other.

1. Cheating 
Cheating is often a deal breaker for many people since making a commitment means staying faithful, and if your partner can’t do that, how can you trust them? Even though some couples make it through a case of infidelity, it’s nearly impossible for the parties involved to look at each other the same way ever again.

2. Dishonesty
Want to know how to instantly ruin a really great relationship? Then lie to your partner or engage in other questionable behaviors. Lies will destroy a crucial component in any relationship: trust.

3. Unresolved emotional issues
Most of us have emotional baggage dragged from prior romantic relationships which can sabotage your future relationships. Here’s the problem with bringing up past issues: they’re in the past. That means that nothing can be done to change them. They’re over and done with. The key is work through them and deal with things that are currently happening. Focus on today, not yesterday.

4. Getting serious too quickly
When you’re in your honeymoon phase you think your relationship can survive anything. But, if you haven’t taken the time to find out if you have the same hopes, dreams and visions of the future, reality might just give you a hard slap in the face. A good healthy relationship should always advance naturally. Things like moving in together too soon, for example, can cause both of you to miss out on really knowing each other.

5. Mistaking lust for love
You want to be with someone (and in their bed) 24/7 so it must be love, right? Not so fast. Many relationships end simply because the initial chemistry wears off and there was never any substance to back up the sex, so when one (or both) of you are bored with the physical aspect of what you had, there’s nothing else keeping you connected.

6. Becoming too comfortable
After some time, you and your significant other might get a little too comfortable around each other and before you know it, you will act more like roommates than lovers. If neither one of you attempt to improve your relationship by adding some fun and excitement, then you are probably headed downhill.

7. You have different values
If one person values their work more than the relationship, or one person wants to start a family and the other does not, you are headed for a rocky road. Once you’re in a committed relationship, it’s best to discuss these things early on so you can get on the same page and make sure you have shared values.

8. Extreme jealousy 
If you’re the one who’s jealous, you’re probably always going to be checking up on your partner. On the other hand, if your partner is the jealous one, you may find yourself sacrificing your happiness just so you don’t get hit with the barrage of accusations.

9. Lack of communication
When you’re in a relationship, you have to actually talk to the person that you’re with and be willing to listen to them as well. Lack of good communication between couples leads to frustration, which leads to relationship dissatisfaction, which in turn leads to breakups.

10. Incompatibility
Opposites attract to a certain extent, but when it comes to creating a life together and staying connected, incompatibility can cause more frustration than it’s worth and will often be the main factor driving a couple apart.

If you find that your relationship is facing these problems, it may be best to try and work it out so it doesn’t ruin the hard work you’ve put into your relationship.

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