10 Romantic And Unique Birthday Gifts For Him

10 Romantic And Unique Birthday Gifts For Him

By Beauty And Tips on October 10, 2015

What are you going to get your man for his birthday this year? Most girls love planning surprises for their boyfriends birthday, it’s a great way to show that you care. It’s easy to buy a gift for a girlfriend, there’s makeup, bath salts, clothes, shoes, handbags and much, much more. But, when it comes to guys, they’re just plain awkward to please! So here are some ideas for a special romantic birthday gift for the man in your life:

1. Surprise Party

One of the greatest and unique birthday gifts for him is a surprise party. It may not be the quiet night in that you may have been thinking of, but everyone loves a surprise party. Invite all his friends and family, and you will be the hero of the hour. You’ll get your romantic night in, when they’ve all gone home and he’ll be especially grateful.

2. Cook all his favorite foods

Dine in and do it in style; make a special meal for him with all his favorite foods. Surprise him by phoning his mother and find out what his favorites were, when he was a kid, get it all prepared in advance, get into the wine and have a romantic evening for two.

3. Make him king for the day

Why not plan a whole day of surprises for him? It can be another one of romantic and unique birthday gifts for him. Have everything laid on, from breakfast to dinner and even hire a limo, so he doesn’t have to drive. Just like you love to be pampered in a spar, he will love that he has to make not a single decision all day long.

4. Take him on a trip down memory lane

Rekindle the romance of first love by booking a table at the first restaurant you dined to together or, even better, book a weekend away at the hotel you spent your honeymoon. You could keep it really simple by telling him to meet you at exactly the same location you had your first kiss and, when he gets there, give him a happy birthday kiss.

5. Book a hotel room for his birthday

Instead of just having an evening in for two, make it a whole day in for two and book into a nice hotel for the whole day of his birthday. Have a romantic day together being waited on hand and foot by room service; you will have champagne and food on tap and no interruptions!

6. Take him on a fun adventure

Guys love adventure sports and your guy will love it even more, if he can share it with you. Skydiving, rock climbing, rally driving, there are loads to choose from, so just go online and search for nearest venue. Have an adrenaline filled adventure day together to remember.

7. Bake him a beautiful birthday cake decorated with personal message and candles

Kids love birthday cakes and guys never stop being kids, so treat your man to homemade birthday cake complete with a personal message in icing on top and candles. It’s cost effective and easy, but he will really love all the effort that you have put in.

8. Decorate his room or office with balloons, love messages and Happy Birthday wishes

Clean up your boyfriend’s office or workroom and decorate it with birthday wishes and messages of love. He will love that you’ve worked so hard on this surprise and it’s a great way of showing how much you love him.

9. Buy him a cool gadget

Most men would love a gadget as a gift and you have plenty of things to choose from. Buy him a new video camera, accessory for his laptop or phone, or visit one of those specialist gadget shops, you’ll be amazed at some of the toys for guys that they have.

10. Frame a romantic collage of pictures for him 

Get him a gift that he can keep forever and make up a collage of pictures from your past together. Snaps of your happiest moments as a couple, all framed together in a beautiful picture frame that he can hang on the wall in his room or take to work with him. It will make a loving and lasting reminder of all your happy times together and the promise of those still to come.

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