10 Romantic Things You’ll Enjoy Doing With Your Boo When You Are...

10 Romantic Things You’ll Enjoy Doing With Your Boo When You Are In Love

By Beauty And Tips on January 18, 2015
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Love makes us all a little bit soppy, and what is wrong with that?! There’s nothing at all wrong with a bit of romance, so here are ten things that you’ll love doing with your boo when you are in love:

1. Walking in the rain

Getting caught out in the rain is usually nothing but a nuisance but, for some strange reason, when it happens with your boyfriend, then it’s just fun and very romantic. It’s especially so, if he’s gallant enough to give you his coat.

2. Buying random gifts

Buying a gift, for no reason at all, is a lovely way to surprise your boo and remind him that you love him. It doesn’t need to be anything expensive, just one of those ‘I saw this and thought of you’ type of things.

3. Falling asleep together

Falling asleep in each other’s arms, just because you feel so comfortable and relaxed together is one of those wonderful romantic moments to be treasured. No pressure, no ‘physicality’, just gently drifting off!

4. Sitting in the dark

When neither of you wants to get up and switch on the light, because you don’t want to break the spell, that’s another magic moment that you can only enjoy with your boo.

5. Cooking for each other

When you cook for yourself, it’s a chore, but when you cook for someone you love, it’s a pleasure. You can put your heart and soul into creating something really special for your partner and express you love, care and generosity this way.

6. Looking deep into one another’s eyes

These are those moments when you forget all else that is going on around you and find yourself just gazing at each other. It can be a bit embarrassing when you look up and find that everyone else’s is watching you though!

7. Wearing each other’s clothes

No, we are not talking about cross dressing! But, it can be really cute when she wears one of his shirts as a nightdress or he grabs her dressing gown because it’s the closest to hand.

8. Going back to where it all started

Revisiting the old haunts of your early dating days can be a really romantic experience too. Staying again at the first hotel you ever stayed in, or eating out again in your first date restaurant can bring back some lovely memories.

9. A romantic dinner for two

This is actually a much underrated way to spend an evening. People now seem to think that it’s ‘oh so boring’ and clichéd. But a cosy, candlelight dinner for two is still a great way to spend good time together and the perfect time to talk.

10. Flirting with each other in public

There’s no need to stop the flirting, just because you’ve been together for a while. And now, you have the added bonus of being able to go straight back home to bed too!

Stay happy, love and be loved!

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