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10 Signs You Don’t Have Enough Chemistry To Become A Happy Couple

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There is a secret ingredient in a successful relationship that people call ‘chemistry’. While no one can actually put their finger on what causes the chemistry between two people, it is that feeling of an instant connection with another human being, a feeling of trust, and of oneness. It is possible, though, for people to fall in love and find out later on that this chemistry is missing. If you think you love someone, but have the distinct feeling that something is missing, then that could be because the chemistry is just not there. Here are ten signs that, perhaps, you don’t have enough chemistry to become a truly happy couple.

1. You have awkward silences

People who have chemistry between them barley even notice the gaps in a conversation that can happen sometimes, and they certainly never feel uncomfortable about it. If you find yourself needing to fill the gaps in conversation and force a conversation along, then that could be a sign that the chemistry between the two of you is not very strong.

2. You have difficulty understanding each other

Do you sometimes question your partner’s motives, or find it difficult to understand where he is really coming from? People who have chemistry seem to instinctively know what each other mean and where they are coming from. They understand each other’s thought processes and they know what each other are thinking.

3. There is no telepathy

Whether it is really telepathy or just this deep understanding that we are talking about, people with chemistry don’t even need words to communicate sometimes. They can just look at each other and they know what their partner is thinking. If you are sometimes taken by surprise by what your boyfriend is thinking, that could be a sign that you don’t have a very deep connection with each other.

4. When you look in his eyes, you don’t feel anything special

A lot of people say that you tell if there is chemistry between people by the way that they look at each other. When you look at a person with whom you share a deep bond, you can almost physically feel the connection and you get butterflies in your tummy. If you look at your partner in the same casual way that you look at everyone else, then that is not the chemistry that we are talking about.

5. Time drags when you are together

When you find yourself looking at your watch and wishing it would go faster, then that is quite obviously a sign that something is missing. Even if there is something on TV that you don’t want to miss, even that wouldn’t make you want to go home early, if you really did have chemistry with your partner.

6. Touching doesn’t come naturally

Touching just comes naturally to people who have chemistry, and sometimes they are not even aware that they are doing it. They instinctively reach for each other’s hand, for example, when they are walking down the street. You shouldn’t need to think about touching when you have a deep connection with another person, it just happens naturally.

7. You don’t feel that you really know your partner

People with chemistry have this odd feeling that they have known each other for years, even if they have only been dating each other for a few months. It may sound a bit of a cliché, but it is because there are no secrets between them and they talk freely about their past.

8. You try too hard to please one another

If you feel that you have to make an effort to please your partner, then this too should be a sign that you don’t have enough chemistry to become a long term, happy couple. Couples with chemistry know what each other’s likes, and pleasing one another comes naturally and gives as much pleasure to the giver as it does to the receiver.

9. You haven’t made any plans for the future together

Another sign that chemistry exists between two people is the excitement that they feel when they are making plans for their future together. If you feel that your future plans are for you alone and you haven’t felt the need to share them with your partner, then that is a sign that you can see a future without him as being a distinct possibility.

10. You still have doubts about him

When you have chemistry with another person, everything just seems to fall into place and you have no doubts about him, or your future together. Every relationship has its ups and downs, but when you click, in the way that people call chemistry, you have no doubts in your mind that this is the person for you.

Stay happy!

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