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10 Signs Your Boyfriend Really Misses You When You Are Not Around

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There are times in a relationship when you and your boyfriend have to be apart. Sometimes you have to spend hours apart when you both go to work, and sometimes you even have to spend days, perhaps even weeks apart, if one of you has to go away on a business trip.

And whilst women can get pretty down about their lover not being around, we sometimes forget that guys are just the same. Yep, guys can be weepy-pants just as much as we can – if not more so.

They won’t admit it of course. They’ll be all manly when they say goodbye to us, and they’ll try to act all cool.

Like, “Yeah, yeah. I’ll text you sometime. Whatever. Just go.”

Right. This means they’ll text us within 30 minutes when they suffer an emotional breakdown. And then they won’t stop texting and calling.

They might not always admit it, but guys love having us around and when we’re away for hours and days at a time, they really miss us. Things just aren’t the same.

But how do you know your boyfriend is missing you? Let’s take a look at 10 key signs that your boy really misses you when you’re not around.

1. You Have Several Missed Calls

Okay, several missed calls from the same person can sometimes mean they’re being annoyingly persistent, but several missed calls from your loved-up boyfriend is usually a telltale sign that he really misses you and just wants to talk to you. Moreover, he probably just wants to know you’re safe.

See, guys might not want to admit it but they’re just the same as girls. When we’re not around, it really bothers them and they just want to hear the sound of our voice. And when they haven’t head from us for a while, they just want to make sure we’re okay.

So they bombard us with phone calls and drive themselves insane when we don’t pick up.

2. He Writes You A Poem

Even if he can’t write, any emotional boyfriend who is missing you really badly will decide to pick up a pen and service a piece of paper with their own sonnet. It could be crushingly bad, but they don’t care – they miss you!

If the guy wants to get the poem to you instantly, he’ll even text it to you. You might feel like laughing or you might feel like crying, but at least respect his valiant efforts. He’s no Shakespeare but he does miss you.

3. He Sends You Trivial Texts Just To Get You Talking

“I’ve just bought a burger.”

“Just been on the toilet. It was really cold in there!”

“Gosh, it’s dark tonight, isn’t it?”

“Since when do we have a microwave? I’ve just used it. Radical.”

“You there?”

If your boyfriend is really missing you and he’s sat alone somewhere, he’ll find something to say to you, even if it really is the most trivial text in the world. It’s just his way of getting you to talk when he doesn’t know what else to say.

4. He Starts Calling At Weird Times

Guys find it really hard to deal with their emotions, and it often makes them impulsive. Some women might reason that guys can’t deal with sudden emotions, because they don’t feel emotions all too often, but they certainly do become overly emotional when they’re missing us.

So what happens is that he could be sat in front of the television when his mind will become alive with memories of you. Frightened that you’re so far away from him, he’ll suddenly get it into his head that he needs to call you up. Even if it’s 3am, he’ll call. This means another sleepless night for the both of you, but it’s a surefire sign that he’s pining for you.

5. He’s Got Plans For When You Return

If your boyfriend wasn’t missing you, he wouldn’t be planning much for your return. He might scowl that you’ll be able to cook him some dinner and that the microwave near killed him, but other than that he won’t make any kind of fuss.

If he misses you, however, he’ll be telling you about the things he’s got planned for when you return. Perhaps he’s suggested that you both go out for dinner, or that maybe you could have a film night on your return. Whatever he’s got in store, he’s definitely hungering for your company.

And if he really, REALLY misses you, he might even plan a vacation! Hey, this going missing game is cool.

6. He’s Staying In Tonight

If you’re away on a business trip or something, and your boyfriend texts you to tell you he’s decided to stay in, rather than go out on the town with his buddies, it’s a sign that he’s smitten with you.

By staying in, he’s essentially showing you that he doesn’t need to head out for a party to have fun. He can quite responsibly stay in, cook himself dinner, relax in front of the television and go to bed early. He’s also showing you that he isn’t the kind of man who is going to head out and talk to other women the minute you go away for the weekend.

What a lovely man! Can we share him?

7. He Asks You If You Still Love Him

When you’re not around for a while, guys can get really introspective. If they haven’t spoken to you for over a day, all kinds of crazy thoughts start rushing through their minds. The biggest thought they stumble across is whether you still love them or not, and whether you’ve gone away and had second thoughts about the relationship.

So if you get a random text literally hours after departing that says, “DO YOU STILL LOVE ME??!” it isn’t a sign that he has totally flipped; it’s a sign that he is missing you.

8. He Starts Liking Your Old Facebook Photos

There are probably old Facebook photos of the pair of you that you’ve forgotten all about – but he hasn’t. Not now that he’s alone at night and missing you. He might have a beer, grow a little sad, and start leafing through all your old photos to remind him how pretty you are.

Then he’ll get all teary-eyed and sentimental and he’ll start liking them. Just to let you know he still cares and that he’ll still be here when you get back.

9. He Does Something To Impress You

Whenever we’re not around for short periods of time, guys can get it into their head that we’re going to somehow “go off” them and find someone else. So, in a bid to show us how great they are, they might just go ahead and do something they think will really impress us.

Quite what they do exactly depends on their skillet. If they have a passion for fishing, they might go out and catch a big fish before sending us a photo of it. If they have a passion for gardening, they might go ahead and plant a load of flowers in the garden and send us a picture of that.

10. He Sleeps With Your Shirt

If your boyfriend is aching for you from head to toe, he’ll probably get in bed with one of your shirts. He’ll likely to choose the one that has the most emotional attachment for him, and he’ll do this to feel nearer to you and to smell you.

You might do the same too (we’ve all slept with our guys’ shirts), and if he tells you that he cried into your shirt last night and now it needs washing, it’s a sign that he’s missing you.

Stay happy!

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