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10 Simple Tips On How To Get His Family To Like You

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He might say that it’s no big deal, but we all know that being accepted by his family is a pretty important thing. No one should break up a relationship, just because the parents don’t approve, but it sure will make things a lot easier, if they do approve you. So, read these ten tips on how to get his family to like you, both on the first meeting and later on too:

1. Wear appropriate clothes

Remember that you are a whole generation apart from his parents, so dress appropriately for the occasion. Leave the suggestive and revealing clothes for dates and wear something a little more reserved, classic and elegant for a meeting with his parents.

2. Do your homework

You don’t want to put your foot straight in your mouth, the first time you speak to them, so find out as much, as you can about his parents, before you visit for the first time. Get an idea of their culture, their beliefs and their general likes and dislikes. You don’t want to drop yourself right into it, over dinner.

3. Always offer to help out

Offer to help out setting the table or clearing it. That always makes a good impression. The mother would probably like to get to know you better and get you on your own and she can do that while you are doing the dishes together. They will love it that you are making the effort.

4. Don’t be too affectionate with your man

His parents are a different generation and they might have different habits and manners, than modern generation, but they’re not stupid and they know what goes on between the two of you. They don’t, however, want that flaunted in their faces, so leave the public displays of affection for you man, for when you get home again.

5. Take along a gift on the first visit

You don’t want to turn up empty handed, so check with your guy what his parents might like as a gift. Don’t make it too extravagant though, you don’t want to appear to be showing off. Just a small, useful gift, will help to show your respect for his parents.

6. Never criticize your partner

Be wary of criticizing your man to his parents. Remember that he is still their little baby, so, even if you think it’s just a bit of harmless teasing, tread carefully. Even if you think you have his mother’s confidence, be careful of criticizing her boy.

7. Always be thoughtful

To be fully accepted, you need to become a part of the family, so remember things like birthdays and anniversaries, especially, if your partner does not! Thoughtful gestures and gifts that have obviously come from you will help to seal your place in your new family.

8. Be prepared to accept their advice

If they like you, then they’re likely to start offering you their advice. Accept it graciously and don’t appear to go on the defensive. Try and understand where they’re coming from, because they probably don’t mean to meddle, just to help.

9. Invite them over to your place

Don’t leave his parents to do all the hosting, invite them to your home for dinner too. This not only repays the favour and gets you in their good books, it also shows them that you are quite capable of taking care of their son for them!

10. Smile sweetly and never be critical

That’s all the sage and sound advice, but in reality, getting alone with your in-laws is very important! Whatever the provocation, don’t argue, don’t disagree and don’t ever criticize his family. If in doubt, smile sweetly, say nothing or just politely agree to disagree.

Do you have some other tips on how to get his family to like you?

Stay happy!

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