10 Super Healthy Breakfast Ideas

10 Super Healthy Breakfast Ideas

By Lifestyles | The Trent on January 14, 2014
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#1 Rice Cakes

They maybe seem dull, but they are extremely healthy and low on calories. Of course if you do not like the taste you can still experiment and add some toppings, but try to stay as humble as possible when adding them.

#2 Waffle with Peanut Butter

Instead of using syrup with waffles try using some peanut butter, believe me it will taste delicious. You can also add some raisins and with them make everything even healthier.

#3 Avocado Slices

Did you ever put something really crazy in you sandwich? Try with avocado. It is great choice for a breakfast because is full of nutrients that will help you start your day better.

#4 Boiled Eggs

Either you like hard or soft boiled eggs, it is important that you eat at least one of them on a regular base. Just be sure to boil an egg for just a few minutes if you want it soft boiled.

#5 Spinach Omelet

Mixing egg whites or also substitutes for them with spinach maybe do not sound like a typical breakfast meal, however, it taste delicious and provides you with all the important stuff your body will need throughout the day.

#6 Muffins

Baking your own muffins will guarantee you their healthiness, because bought ones are often full of additives that are really bad for your health. Just browse some recipes and find a great combination of ingredients for your own breakfast muffins.

#7 Fresh Fruit

Why complicating things, when you can simply prepare the easiest breakfast possible and at the same time it is also the healthiest of them all. Simply cut all your favourite fresh fruit and spoil yourself with a delicious fruit salad.

#8 Smoothies

We all just love smoothies, don’t we? But just imagine how much healthier we can make them at home, when we know exactly what we put in them. Just use your favourite fruit and mix them together, so easy!

#9 Tasty Toast

Grab one slice of white bread, mix one egg with a bit of milk, then dip the bread into the mixture. This is how you make yourself a delicious French toast; you can eat it topped with some fresh tomato slices, or various berries. Delicious and healthy at the same time!

#10 Oatmeal

You can mix this delicious food with almost everything, from yogurt to all kinds of fruit, and moreover it is extremely healthy. There are various recopies how to prepare oatmeal, so your breakfast will never be dull.

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