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10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Washing Your Face

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[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ashing your face is a simple chore that you do every day, but did you know that there are right and wrong ways of doing it? If you want a clear, glowing complexion, then read these ten great tips on how to properly wash your face. Here are ten things you probably don’t know about washing your face.

1. You need to keep your washcloth clean

The wash cloth that you use to wash your face needs washing too! Face clothes can quickly get a build-up of bacteria in them, so always wash out your hand towels thoroughly and don’t leave it too long before you give it a thorough clean in the washing machine.

2. You can get the temperature of the water wrong

The temperature of the water needs to be just right too. Too hot, and you could burn your face and, too cold, and it can cause damage to the capillaries in your face. Lukewarm is what you are looking for, that’s the best thing for your face.

3. You can damage your skin by scrubbing too hard

The skin on your face is sensitive and scrubbing too hard will leave it red and sore. You don’t need to scrub hard to exfoliate, just use gentle circular motions with your hand towel and that will get your face clean, without stripping it of all the natural oils.

4. You should always remove makeup, before you wash your face

Another tip on how to properly wash your face is to always remove makeup before you wash your face. Most cleansers are not designed to remove makeup, so use a proper makeup remover for that job, and then wash your face. Makeup just won’t come off cleanly with just a facial cleanser, so you will end up scrubbing and that will damage your skin.

5. Don’t use a bar soap for anything above your neck

Standard bars of soap are fine for your hands and your body, if you prefer to use them, but they are too harsh for your face. Use a facial cleanser, which is designed for your own particular skin type, because standard soap will dry out the skin on your face and might cause premature ageing.

6. You should wash your hands, before you wash your face

Another tip on how to properly wash your face is to give your hands a good wash and rinse, before you touch your facial skin. Otherwise, you will just be transferring all the dirt and germs from your hands to the sensitive skin of your face.

7. You shouldn’t over-wash your face

Even if your skin feels greasy and you want to attack a breakout, you can still over-wash your face. If you wash your face too much, you will dry out the skin and possibly cause infection. Over-washing will cause the skin to produce even more oils, so you will find yourself fighting a losing battle.

8. Don’t rush the job

Our next tip on how to properly wash your face is to take your time. Even when you are in a hurry, don’t skimp on washing your face properly. To get the skin really clean, you will need to spend at least two minutes washing it.

9. Facial wipes are not enough

Facial wipes really don’t cut it, if you want to keep your face clean and breakout free. There is no substitute for washing with water, because a facial wipe will simply move bacteria form one part of your face to another.

10. You should pat your face dry

Rubbing your face dry with a towel can damage the elasticity of the skin, which can cause sagging and wrinkles later on in life, as well as irritation and soreness. You should always gently pat your face dry with a fresh towel.

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