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10 Things You Should Never Say To Your Ex

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Yes, we’ve all been there. We’ve all said regrettable things to our ex, and immediately wished we hadn’t. Some of us have blurted out: “I STILL LOVE YOU”, hoping for a good reaction before getting that stare that just pities us, whilst others have gone as far as bawling: “I WISH I HAD NEVER LAID EYES ON YOU.”

The fact is that having any kind of relationship with your ex is just difficult, and the chances of saying something undeniably silly are high. We either bite our tongue, or our mouth goes into selfish mode and says things without our permission. The problem is, words can’t be taken back. Once they’re out, they’re out. You can’t call them back, and you definitely can’t rewind time. So to make sure you never say anything inappropriate to your ex (again), check out our list of 10 things you should never say to your ex. Under any circumstance. Not even if you’ve had a bad day.

1. ‘I Will Seriously Kill Myself If You Don’t Give Me A Second Chance’

Okay, the chances are that you won’t actually kill yourself (come on, admit it), and secondly, this kind of drama just isn’t cool. People don’t like to be put on a one way guilt trip to hell, and if you say this kind of thing, you will only regret it years later when someone says it to you. It’s kinda childish, and it isn’t becoming of a sensible, mature adult. It’s much better to just put the kettle on and think ahead to the future.

2. ‘We Can Still Hook Up Though, Right?’

Nope, afraid not. When you say this, it smacks of desperation. It’s like you’re trying to cling onto something, and it just makes the whole situation awkward. He’s broken up with you because it’s not working, and he wants to move on in life. But what if he were to meet his soul mate whilst he’s still hooking up with you? Moreover, how is any of you supposed to move on? He may as well still be dating you! Hooking up is just an easy way of asking for trouble.

3. ‘I Miss You’

It’s hard not to say this one when you’re pining for someone who broke up for you. But somehow you have to restrain yourself, hold your nerve and bite your tongue. When we say this to our ex, we’re really hoping they’ll respond by saying they miss us as well, but when they don’t say that, we feel worse than ever before. Moreover, this line reeks of desperation on our part, and will only boost their ego. Better to keep your feelings hidden.

4. ‘Let’s Hang Out’

Remember a month ago when you were still together and you referred to your ex by his nickname, lovingly pinched his cheeks, and gave him hugs and kisses? Yeah, you can’t do any of that anymore. But if you decide to hang out, it can be so temping to do all of those things. Calling him by your nickname for him could easily slip out, and at this point you can both be left confused. You need distance and you need time apart.

5. ‘I Really, REALLY Hope You Die’

Ouch. Wow. Kitty has claws. If you trot this viscous line out, there is quite possibly something wrong with you. And if there isn’t and you’re just saying it to get attention, you need to seriously reconsider saying it. Nobody likes it when a relationship ends, but it’s best to let bygones be bygones, rather than say something you’ll regret years later. I mean, imagine you bump into each other ten years from now, and you’re both walking with your children in the park, what are you going to do? Say, “Ha! Remember the time I hoped you’d die? Those were the days.” Oh joy.

6. ‘I Love You’

Oops. Okay, yes, you might well still love your ex, but you can’t tell them. It has to be kept a secret. Particularly, if you’re the person who ended it, or if you both agreed to end it, this is a line that has to be kept under lock and key forever. Letting it out makes both of you confused, and it can cause you to forget the misery behind the reason you broke it off in the first place. Instead, you’ve got to be stronger than this and move on.

7. ‘I’m Sorry’

If you’re the one who broke it off, and particularly if you broke it off because you did something bad, saying ‘sorry’ is okay. You can just about get away with it. But if you’re the victim here, saying ‘sorry’ is not the way to go. Saying ‘sorry’ is your way of starting a conversation with them, but it just inflates their ego, and if you’re expecting them apologise too, you’d better think again.

8. ‘How’s Your New Soul Mate?’

If your ex has got a new girlfriend, it’s best that you don’t bring her up in conversation. It’s also recommended that you don’t ask how she is. You look like you’re still hung up on him.

And it’s hugely recommend that you don’t use words like “new soul mate” to refer to her. It makes you look jealous, bitter, and downright psychotic. Not cool. Bite your tongue and move on.

9. ‘What Could I Change To Make Me Better?’

This is a tactic employed to start a conversation with our ex, but it’s a silly question that a) they don’t want to answer and b) they’re not going to answer. It makes you sound pitiful, needy and actually slightly pathetic (no offence). Okay, so you broke up but it doesn’t mean you’re rubbish in any way. It just meant that the relationship came to the end of its line.

10. ‘I Wish I Had Never Met You’

This is a lie we tend to say in order to make our ex feel bad. But it doesn’t really work, and more often than not it will cause them to smile at themselves. It makes us seem as though we’re still bothered by the whole thing, and that we haven’t moved on with our lives. And whilst this may well be true, you simply can’t let them know this. Moreover, it’s a pretty awful thing to say and only smears the good times you had together. Again, it’s another hateful line that you’ll only live to regret. Split up amicably and leave it at that.

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