10 Things You Should Tell Yourself Every Morning When You Wake Up

10 Things You Should Tell Yourself Every Morning When You Wake Up

By Beauty And Tips on November 2, 2015
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Morning is the most important time of the day. If you get off to a bad start, you can pretty much guarantee that the rest of your day is going to continue on a downward spiral. If you get off to an amazing start, however, you’re going to be firing on all cylinders for the rest of the day. World, come at me!

As well as a healthy diet, some feel-good music and a joyful morning run, there are also a few things you can say to yourself that can help you get off to a fantastic start in the morning. Rather than simply groaning and mumbling underneath your breath as you hobble down the stairs and put the coffee on with your eyes still half-closed, it’s time to open your mouth wide and say these following 10 things each morning:

Today Is A New Wonderful Day

We all appreciate newness. It’s the promise of a fresh start that gives us optimism and reminds us that, no matter how bad everything else was, it’s all in the past. Now it’s time to move forward and embrace the new opportunities that come our way.

A new day is the best possible form of newness. You’ve got a whole day ahead of you to seize the moment and to make sure that yesterday is totally forgotten. A new day is a blank canvas that is waiting to be painted on with some amazing art. You should feel blessed that you have been granted another chance to make the most of life. Go out there and make progress. No matter how bad yesterday was, it can’t bring you down anymore!

I Can Be Whatever I Want To Be

That’s the spirit! We all have dreams, but we don’t all achieve our dreams. Why? Because we don’t try hard enough.

Dreams are not impossible. All you have to do is take a look around you to realise that dreams come true each day.

It’s important to remember that the people who chased and achieved their dreams are the ones who told themselves each day, “I can do it.” They didn’t wake up groaning to themselves as they stumbled into the kitchen to make their coffee, lamenting the fact that it’s already 9AM. They woke up early with a positive mental attitude and the belief that all the hard work they’re putting in now will eventually pay off.

I Won’t Sweat The Small Stuff

What does it matter to you if someone didn’t open the door for you at work yesterday, or if someone de-friended you on Facebook? In comparison to the seriously big stuff that is going on around the world this is small fry and is not worth you getting stressed over.

Focus on the things that matter and don’t sweat the small stuff.

I Am Good Enough

Waking up with a bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee is all well and good, but it isn’t going to fill you with the confidence you really need to approach your day.

So, to give yourself a boost, you need to face yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you are good enough.

You are 100% good enough.

You are amazing.

Everyone is good enough, and telling yourself this will give you the kind of confidence you need to tackle the day and make the most of it.

Yesterday Will Not Define Me

Okay, yesterday was a bad day. We know that and you know that. Things didn’t go right from the start and you know you really screwed up.

But, hey, guess what? Yesterday is in the past! It’s gone! All that is left of yesterday are memories and lessons that can – and will be learned. Yesterday never defined anybody. All that can define you is the present: Today! Screw you, yesterday!

Remember, yesterday can only define you if you let it.

It’s Okay To Fail

Sometimes, we wake up remembering that we had a tough time of it the day before. We remember that we royally messed up yesterday, and that we failed hard at something. Such thoughts can really put a downer on our morning, screwing up our mindset, and ruining the rest of our day.

What you should do is tell yourself that, actually, it’s totally okay to fail. Remind yourself that everyone fails, even the most successful entrepreneurs. We all fail. What is important is not the failure, but how you react to the failure. If you learn from your mistakes, you can profit from them. Failure is simply the opportunity to grow and come back stronger.

I Am Proud Of My Choices

Your choices are what define you. If you know in your heart of hearts that you have always striven to make the right choice, reminding yourself of this will make you feel better.

Nobody can criticise you for doing what is right. Stay true to your principles and ignore the detractors.

I Am Beautiful

Beauty is important for confidence. Knowledge lasts for a lifetime, while beauty fades – so they say.

But beauty is also eternal. Telling yourself that you’re beautiful first thing in the morning will put you in a positive mindset that will last throughout the day. You will commute to work feeling empowered with your looks. You will stride into the office full of confidence knowing that you are amazing.

I Can Do it

Yes, you can!

How many times have you got out of bed with the horrible feeling that you just cannot do whatever is being asked of you today? How many times have you woken up on the morning of an exam knowing that you’re going to fail? This is silly. You can do anything if you put your mind to it.

Fundamental to achieving your day’s aims is the belief that you can do it. Wake up, look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself heart and soul that you can do this. You are good enough and nobody else can do it better. Sing your own praises, be your own cheerleader.

I Am So Lucky To Be Alive

How many times do you wake up in the morning and give thanks that you are alive for at least another day?

Many of us take it for granted that we are going to wake up each day. We drift through the morning with our eyes half-closed, taking in nothing but the smell of coffee and the sugary taste of our cereal.

But the fact that we are alive for another day is incredibly amazing. We are partaking of the miracle one more time. Appreciate this and your day will get better.

I’m Going To Own This Day

Yes, you are!

If you don’t own the day; if you don’t grab it and not let go, the day will inevitably own you.

Which is not cool.

Stay happy!

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