10 Tips On How To Get Over Your Ex

10 Tips On How To Get Over Your Ex

By Beauty And Tips on June 5, 2015
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It doesn’t matter how many times we have been through it before, or who did the dumping, breaking up is still always going to be a tough thing to go through. Once you have got past the shock of the initial breakup, though, then there comes the really hard part and that’s learning how to forget your ex and move on with your life. You probably never will forget him completely and why should you, because you’ve had great times together, before the bad ones arrived. In the first few months after a split, though, you do need to try and put your ex out of your mind, so here are ten tips that will help you get over your ex.

1. Don’t go out and get drunk!

You might be tempted to go out and party hard to forget your ex, but that is never a good move. Alcohol will make you forget him for a few hours, but it will also make you forget who you are and you could well end up with some loser you meet in a club. All you will get out of that is bad headache and a whole load of regrets.

2. Don’t lock yourself away in your home

Having said that you shouldn’t go out and get drunk, turning yourself into a hermit won’t help you either! Staying at home, weeping over photos of your ex and watching romantic movies over and over again are only going to make you feel worse. Get out and spend some time with friends and family, and offload your feelings onto someone you are close to if you need to.

3. Stop stalking him on Facebook

It’s going to be hard to avoid the temptation of checking out what your ex is up to by looking him up on Facebook. The only reason you should be looking at his profile on Facebook or on Twitter, is to block him and unfollow him. You need to accept that it is over. Keeping up with his daily routine on social media sites is not going to help you do that.

4. Do allow yourself time to grieve

You will have to allow yourself to grieve and a few tears are bound to happen. It will take time to get over your ex, so don’t go straight out dating again, give yourself some time to heal. This is a time when friends really do become important, so reach out to them, tell them how you feel and they will help you get over your ex.

5. Keep busy

Keep yourself occupied and don’t give your mind the time to wander. You probably will have some time on your hands, so fill your diary with dates to see friends, get back into your regular workout schedule and re-start a hobby that you had put on hold. Look at this as an opportunity to do all the things that you want to do, but you never had time to do before.

6. Cut all the ties with your ex

Don’t try and stay friends with your ex, or think that you tempt him back again. Even if reconciliation might be possible in the future, you should still give yourself some space right now. Remember too that your ex is probably a bit confused at the moment, so don’t let him string you along. If he asks to meet up with you, say NO.

7. Clear out the memories

Just as you have cut him off on Facebook, you need to get him out of your life at home too. Remove from sight any reminders, like photos, his clothes, or any of his stuff that he left in the bathroom. Have a good clear-out around your home, even rearrange the furniture and it will help you feel more like you are making a clean, fresh start.

8. Accept that you will miss him

You will miss your ex and, for a while, that will be painful. Don’t let that be the excuse to go running back to him or it will only be a short while before you split up again and you will be back where you started. Accept that you will always have fond memories of your ex and, in time, those memories will bring a smile to your face and not make you feel sad.

9. Don’t forget why you split

When you first break up with a boyfriend, you will probably be thinking only of all the good things about him that you will miss. Remind yourself of some of the bad things too, and don’t forget the reasons why you did break up.

10. Look at this as a positive step and a new beginning 

You will need time to grieve, but do try and look on the positives of what has happened. This is the end of only one small chapter in your life and now that it is over, you can start looking forward to the next, exciting instalment that has yet to come. It’s time to move on.

How to get over your ex? What are your tips?

Stay happy!

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