10 Tips To Help You Understand How Guys Think

10 Tips To Help You Understand How Guys Think

By Beauty And Tips on November 1, 2015
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Yes, women are from Venus and men are from Mars, but this doesn’t mean that we can’t make an attempt to at least understand how guys think and what makes them tick. There is literally nothing worse than being in a relationship with a Sphinx of a man who is a riddle unto himself. You don’t know what he wants, but worse still, hedoesn’t know what he wants! You’re desperate to know where you stand with him and whether or not the two of you have got a future together, but he’s vague, mysterious and overly complex.

And what on earth does it mean when he doesn’t call you back despite saying he would?!

To help you unravel one of The Greatest Mysteries Of The Universe, we’re going to reel off 10 super tips that will help you understand how guys think. Because we’re nice like that.

Guys Want You To Open Up First

Believe it or not, but there really is more in a man’s mind than just sports, video games and going out for drinks with the lads. Men do have hearts (I know, right?!), and they actually do want to open up to you and discuss their feelings. But because they very rarely do this, you probably have no idea what your man is really thinking.

The truth is that guys are just waiting for you to make the first move. They want you to open up first and initiate the conversation. If they’re to open up their hearts and bare all, you’ve got to give them a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Guys Actually Do Like Surprises

If your man has been a little bit sullen over the past week, you might be wondering why. Perhaps he’s had a bad week at work, or perhaps his favourite soccer team lost?

Either way, you can easily turn his frown upside down by getting him a surprise. Yup, just like girls love surprises, guys do too. So the next time you’re wondering how you can lift his spirits, why not buy him something lovely? It’ll raise the gloom in no time and banish all those thoughts that he’s down in the dumps because he doesn’t love you. He just wants some attention!

Guys Like Cleavage – It’s A Fact

Yes, you caught your man checking out another woman in a restaurant.

Yes, you caught him checking out another woman, while he was waiting for you outside a changing room.

And, yes, you also caught him checking out another woman, while he waited next to you at the hospital.

Most guys like to check out women, but it doesn’t mean they would leave you in a second to swan off with someone else. They love us deeply, but they’re wired in such a way that they cannot help but check out cleavage – even if they don’t even fancy the woman in question! Don’t take it personally, but gently tell your man that you’d prefer it if he could do it less often.

Sports Matter

No, he really can’t do anything with you this weekend because it’s the playoffs.

That’s right, the playoffs.

No, I don’t know what the playoffs are but this weekend it’s the playoffs and his life depends on it.

That’s just the way it is. He loves you, but his life depends on sports. And playoffs.

Guys Don’t Like Asking For Help

Guys like to think they know how to do everything.According to them, they can fix cars, mend sinks, cook for themselves, organise their own lives, pay the bills on time, work out an incredibly difficult math sum, and even figure out how to install a brand new television.

The truth, though, is that they can’t do everything. The problem is that they’re just too proud to ask for your help. So whenever your man snaps at you for trying to show him how to REALLY fix a car, just take a step back and remember that your man is desperate to impress you. He wants you to believe that he is amazingly awesome.

If it turns out that he’s lacking in something, he’ll assume that it lowers him in your estimation. So if he needs several weeks to install a brand new TV, give him those several weeks.

Guys Love Their Career

Sometimes, it can seem as though guys see their career as being more important than loving their woman. But guys just need you to understand that they really do enjoy their career, but that they also love you too.

Strange or not, guys love being in the office. Their careers often define them and give their life meaning. They will try really hard to balance their professional and personal life, but you need to make sure that you understand how much work means to them.

Guys Can’t Be Pressured Into Making A Commitment

Sure, you’d love it if he committed to things more often, but the truth is that guys are notoriously bad at committing themselves to something. For them, everything is black or it’s white; they’re either in or they’re out, and nothing you can say will make them in.

In fact, pressuring your man into committing to something will only make the situation worse. Guys hate this kind of pressure. You need to just leave them to their thoughts and allow them to make their own decisions. If a man doesn’t want to do something, he’s only going to get annoyed and irritable if you make him do it.

Guys Want Respect

I know, I know. Guys have no problem breaking wind in public, scratching their private areas, or going for three days without showering. But the truth is that, despite all these indiscretions, guys want respect from you.

No, they don’t want total control in a relationship, but they do want you to listen to them and to respect their opinions. There has to be balance; they want you to take initiative and be assertive at times, but they need you to understand when it is time to take the lead, and when it is time to follow them.

Guys Prioritise Details

Ever gotten annoyed when your boyfriend can’t remember that story you told him a month ago about the broken lift at work? Of course you have. Guys drive us mad when they can’t remember all the little (important) details. It just goes to show that they aren’t actually listening to us at all!

The reality, though, is that guys do listen; it’s just that they don’t place the same importance on things that you do. While your friend’s new baby’s name is of critical importance to you, it doesn’t mean anything to him. So while he will listen to you at the time, he’ll forget all about it the next day.

But sports stats, movie quotes and the price of a beer and burger? Yup, these are all locked away in his memory vault for life.

Guys Like It When You Look After Them

Guys act like babies whenever they’re sick. If they get a slight stomach ache, they automatically assume it’s stomach cancer. When they get the common cold, it’s The End of the World.

But more than anything, they really want you to look after them. In fact, they absolutely love it when you nurse them whenever they’re sick or when you bring them their hot drink after a long day at work.

Stay happy!

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