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10 Warning Signs That Your Man Will Hurt You Sooner Or Later

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Everyone would prefer that their boyfriend would never hurt them, but as we all know, that’s not always the way that things work out. Are you 100% certain that your man will never do the dirty on you and leave you broken hearted and alone? Here are ten ways that you might be able to tell, whether he has it in him to hurt you, sooner or later.

1. He seems to have replacements lined up

One of the first signs that he is capable of hurting you is the number of close female friends that he keeps. Perhaps he likes to have some potential substitutes on the touch line, just in case. If that is the case, then this could well be a sign that he is not wholly committed to a relationship with you.

2. He’s not very attentive

No one needs a man who is too clingy, but a guy that doesn’t seem to be too concerned whether everything is well with you or not is even worst. He probably would be just as indifferent about leaving you in the lurch, as hurting you.

3. He’s never willing to compromise

If it’s always you making the compromises and he never wants to budge at all, then that is a sign of how little he really cares about you. It is showing you that your happiness is not number one on his list of priorities; it’s his happiness that is in that position.

4. You never know where he is

He shouldn’t have to report in to you and tell you his every move, but if you really have no idea what he does with his time, or who he is with, then the likelihood is, that he’s keeping things secret from you. Either he doesn’t care enough about you to make you a part of his life, or he is already up to no good.

5. He keeps you a secret

If you don’t seem to ever meet his friends or be introduced to his family, then it is definitely a sign that you could be on the way to some heartbreak. It could just be a sign of a lack of commitment, or it could be a sign that he’s been playing the field.

6. Your ambitions for the future are very different

The pain of breakup doesn’t only come when someone cheats, it can just be that your goals don’t coincide. If you know that his ambition has always been to work overseas and you hate to travel, then one day, this guy could hurt you, even if he doesn’t want to.

7. He only acts like he loves you

Saying ‘I love you’ is a pretty easy thing to do, but acting like you love someone is hard to fake. If he seems to be pulling back from you and appears to be more cold, then this could be his way of preparing you for the hurt that is to come.

8. He can’t make his mind up

Does your man appear to flip from being madly in love with you one minute, to questioning the relationship the next? If he seems confused about his own feelings for you, then eventually he will have to make a decision and, if he has doubts about his love, then perhaps that love isn’t as strong, as you thought.

9. Your family and friends don’t trust him

Your family and friends are only looking out for you, when they voice their concerns about a man in your life. Don’t just ignore their advice, because a person looking at a relationship, from the outside, can often see things that the people in the relationship can’t.

10. You know he has hurt people before

If a guy has had it in him to hurt one person, then he could hurt you too. If he boasts about how many girlfriends he has had and it seems that he broke off the relationship with most of them, he might be the type of guy that gets a kick from flitting from one girl to the next. If he has cheated before, on someone else, he is definitely a man that could hurt you sooner or later. So be careful!

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