11 Little Things Your Partner Does That Make Your Day

11 Little Things Your Partner Does That Make Your Day

By Metro UK on April 30, 2015
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As all those people in long-term relationships will know, it can be hard to keep the spark alive.

Isn’t it lucky that with a simple, uncomplicated gesture, you can make your partner’s day?

Here’s how…

1. Kissing you good morning

If your partner actually looks past your awful pyjamas, embarrassing sleeping position and inevitable morning breath, and gives you a kiss before you go to work, it’s true love.

It’s also great how they really don’t begrudge you for your extra hour in bed – hey, it’s not your fault they work crazier hours than you.

2. Letting you choose what to watch

They really want to watch the football, rugby or golf (but really, why would anyone watch golf?!) – but they allow you to put on old re-runs of Ali G or even Teen Mom.

You have your suspicions that they actually enjoy Teen Mom more than the Masters, but you appreciate the gesture anyway.

3. Bringing you little surprises

It doesn’t have to be a diamond necklace (though we’d love that too) – a little chocolate from Tesco will do the trick.

It’s just to show that they’ve been thinking of you, obvs.

4. Making dinner…

You’ve done it three days in a row now, and you haven’t complained – but your partner knows you’d really like to put your feet up tonight, so they offer to make supper.

Bonus points if they use lots of cheese. Mmm, cheese.

5. …and even doing the washing up

You know you’re being pampered when you don’t have to step foot in the kitchen all night.

You could get used to this.

6. Texting you at work

And not stuff like ‘can you pick up milk?’ or ‘you snored so much last night I didn’t sleep a wink’.

No, the texts you really appreciate are the short and sweet ones just letting you know they’re thinking of you… or even better, a naughty one to get you excited for going home later.

7. Letting you have the last chip/ chocolate/ can of Diet Coke

You both really want it, and politely offer it to each other, but you know your partner’s offer is more sincere than yours.

You would feel bad, but mmm, delicious…

8. Complimenting you

Who doesn’t want to hear ‘you look pretty’ or ‘I missed you’?

Even a text with a few kisses will do the trick – it’s just nice to know someone’s thinking about you.

9. Pinching your bum

You could be in your tracksuit, with yoghurt all down your top and hair that hasn’t been washed for three days, when you get that little pinch that means ‘Hey, I still find you sexy’.

It’s always good to know, right?

10. Snuggling up to you

No matter how engrossed you are in that rerun of Friends that you have literally seen seventy times, it’s always nice to feel that arm around your shoulder.

There’s really nothing better than a cuddle to show someone you love them.

11. Telling you they love you

Stevie Wonder said it, The Beatles said it, Michael Buble said it – it’s always nice to hear those four little letters, no matter how many times you’ve said them before.

A little note left somewhere your partner knows you’ll find it can really make your day.

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