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Alicia Keys, Celine Dion, Madonna, Chaka Khan: 11 Songs You Didn’t Know Were Written By Prince [LISTEN]

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Prince, the legendary artist known for his eclectic style and prolific songwriting, penned numerous songs that became hits for other artists. Here are a few notable examples that highlight his wide-ranging influence in the music industry.

Alicia Keys – ‘How Come You Don’t Call Me’

Many fans of Alicia Keys may not realize that her early hit “How Come You Don’t Call Me” from her debut album, Songs In A Minor, is actually a cover of a lesser-known track by Prince. Originally released in the 1980s, Prince’s version showcased his knack for blending soulful melodies with poignant lyrics, a style that Keys embraced and made her own.

Chaka Khan – ‘I Feel For You’

Chaka Khan’s hit “I Feel For You” is another classic example of Prince’s songwriting genius. Originally intended for Patrice Rushen along with “I Wanna Be Ur Lover,” the latter became one of Prince’s signature songs while “I Feel For You” turned into a massive hit for Chaka Khan, combining funk, soul, and a rap break that was groundbreaking for its time.

Cyndi Lauper – ‘When You Were Mine’

Cyndi Lauper’s rendition of “When You Were Mine” on her breakthrough album, She’s So Unusual, was originally recorded by Prince. Lauper’s unique voice and style brought a new dimension to the song, highlighting its timeless appeal and Prince’s versatility as a songwriter.

Madonna – ‘Hung Up’

In 1989, Madonna and Prince collaborated on the duet “Love Song” for her critically acclaimed album Like A Prayer. Fifteen years later, Madonna revisited this collaboration for her comeback single “Hung Up,” incorporating lyrics from their original duet and further cementing the creative synergy between these two iconic artists.

The Bangles – ‘Manic Monday’

Prince, using the pseudonym Christopher, offered “Manic Monday” to The Bangles. The song became a worldwide hit, reaching the top 10 in numerous countries. Its catchy melody and relatable lyrics are a testament to Prince’s ability to craft pop perfection.

Sheila E – ‘The Glamorous Life’

Sheila E’s 1984 hit “The Glamorous Life” was penned solely by Prince. This dance-floor favourite showcased his flair for creating infectious rhythms and memorable hooks, helping Sheila E achieve mainstream success and solidifying Prince’s status as a master songwriter.

Celine Dion – ‘With This Tear’

Prince wrote “With This Tear” specifically for Celine Dion’s second English-language album. This heartfelt ballad highlights his ability to write deeply emotional and personal songs, tailored perfectly for Dion’s powerful vocal style.

Sheena Easton – ‘Sugar Walls’

“Sugar Walls,” written under the pseudonym Alexander Nevermind, is another example of Prince’s provocative and distinctive lyrical style. Sheena Easton’s performance brought the song to life, and its suggestive lyrics and catchy melody made it a standout track of the 1980s.

Martika – ‘Love… Thy Will Be Done’

“Love… Thy Will Be Done,” co-written by Prince and Martika, was later covered by artists like Jessie Ware and Delta Goodrem. The song’s spiritual and contemplative lyrics combined with a haunting melody demonstrate Prince’s depth as a songwriter.

Sinéad O’Connor – ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’

One of the most memorable ballads of the 1990s, “Nothing Compares 2 U” was originally recorded by The Family, a side project of Prince’s. Sinéad O’Connor’s rendition brought the song universal acclaim, making it her signature tune and showcasing the emotional power of Prince’s songwriting.

Prince – ‘Ain’t About 2 Stop’, feat. Rita Ora

In what would become his final release before his untimely death, Prince collaborated with Rita Ora on “Ain’t About 2 Stop.” The song features the quintessentially Prince lyric, “If you’re not a Ritabot, you’re a blood clot,” reflecting his playful and innovative approach to music until the very end.

Rita Ora
Rita Ora

Prince’s ability to write hits for a diverse range of artists is a testament to his unparalleled talent and enduring legacy in the music world. His songs continue to resonate, showcasing his remarkable versatility and influence.

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