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12 Signs This Fight Is A Non-Fight In Your Relationship

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There are FIGHT fights that leave you worrying, Are we going to break up? for days afterward, and then there are fights that just vanish into the ether because who cares? Here’s how to tell if this one’s not a big deal.

1. You’re both arguing the same thing. You both find yourself saying you want to wait to have kids, but you’ve somehow misinterpreted the other person as saying they never want to have kids. You’re so worked up that you’ve stopped listening to each other and are just screaming the same thing at each other at this point.

2. You don’t even know what you want out of this fight. So what if you don’t think Birdman should’ve won an Oscar? It happened. Yelling at your partner about it isn’t going to change anything. Even if he agrees with you, then what? Birdman still has the Oscar. Just drop it.

3. You’re only fighting because one of you is too stubborn to put their plates in the dishwasher. You want him to put his junk away. The only reason he isn’t doing it is because you asked him to. He should just put it away. Fight over.

4. One (or both) of you is drunk. This isn’t a fight. It’s you guys being stupid.

5. When you try to boil down what the fight is about to one word, that word is “bowls.” When people who aren’t insane want a new set of bowls, they don’t get into a screaming match over the color. They have a discussion about it. You know this, but somehow you still ended up screaming.

6. You overhear a couple fighting about the same thing the next day and realize how ridiculous they sound. You know what they say, hindsight is 20/20 and also if you could hear yourself, you’d realize how dumb you sound right now. It’s easy to fight when you’re all worked up, but take a step back and listen to yourself.

7. You’re hanging on to your point because you don’t want him to be right, not because you actually care about your point. You are bad. This makes you bad. Admit you are wrong and move on.

8. It ends with you two laughing about it. How did it escalate that quickly? At least you can both admit it was dumb, and this didn’t end with one of you sitting there stewing.

9. It’s only a fight because you’re annoyed at something he does. He can’t help it if he’s a loud chewer. Either he needs to stop eating or you need to get over it.

10. You’re only arguing because you want makeup sex. This is actually acceptable. Makeup sex is great. GREAT.

11. You forget about it entirely the next day. You wake up refreshed and happy, and only even remember the fight after your partner brings it up. At that point, you have no reason to get angry again.

12. You’re arguing against them when you should be supporting them. Did they get into a fight with one of your friends? Suck it up and take their side.

(via Cosmopolitan)

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