12 Tips For Travelling With Your Wig

12 Tips For Travelling With Your Wig

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Traveling is undoubtedly one of the greatest pleasures of life, so much so that it is imperative that no matter how addicted to work one has to accept that it is necessary even once a year to ask for permission to travel.

Whether you’re single or married, The trip is not the only thing that matters, if you wear a natural hair wig, it is essential that you do not forget for a moment how important it is for your physical appearance, no matter if you use it for health or aesthetic reasons.

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Wigs exist for a reason and are meant to make life easier without any complications, it’s easy to put on a wig and not spend an entire morning combing a frizzy hair. A good wig not only enhances your natural beauty but will also make you captivate everyone in the destination you decide to vacation to, but be careful, it must be well prepared, as a wig can be damaged or completely ruined if not given proper care during the trip.

Here are some helpful tips from UNice hair to help you protect and care for your wig so that you can enjoy a hassle-free journey. So that you say at once, I’m ready for my vacation!

  1. You have to try to make a list of everything you really need and double check that you have put everything in your travel bag or suitcase. So you’ll be making sure you’re taking the essentials for your trip, just the essentials, and not carrying anything else, so you’ll be saving space so your wigs and wig care products won’t break down because they’re too tight in your travel bag or suitcase.
  2. Sometimes we don’t have enough time to wash our virgin hair wholesale, it is even more complicated if it is a wig. Did you know that there is the ideal dry shampoo to use when you are on the road? It is simple and easy to use. Remember not to exceed 75 ml if you are not checking your bag in the event that you need to take a flight.
  3. If you commonly use a liquid glue for your african american wig, it is always preferable to replace it with double-sided travel tapes. Will it do any good? You might be wondering, absolutely! Because they are cleaner and quicker to put on, and if you only need to take a plane, with the tape you won’t have any problem.

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The same goes for the solvent. You can take it with you as long as it does not exceed 75 ml. At any shopping mall, and even at the airport itself, you can get small empty containers. We also recommend the same for your serum, argan oil, shampoo, and even mask.

  1. For trips, cruises, and excursions, synthetic hair wigs are ideal, as you don’t have to worry about combing your virgin hair extensions to look good. Consider having a synthetic wig similar in tone and style to “switch” during the holidays, and forget about wearing a hair dryer, rollers, irons, among others.
  2. An unparalleled and simple tip that many women and perhaps you overlook is this: try to pack your wig inside out, friction is the real enemy to fight on a journey you are going to make, why?

Because friction is capable of damaging the delicate strands of your wig. Your extension hair will be completely ruined if you do not follow this simple suggestion. If you don’t do it, you will suffer the shame of having to wear a frizzy wig. Frizz is the least of your wig problems, the wig can also be damaged by dust and dirt. The wig will be protected if you put it in a plastic zippered bag, it will prevent dirt and dust from causing any sort of damage to your wig, you can be certain as well that your wig is not going to get crushed or wet.

  1. You must seriously consider the type of climate of the place you are going to vacation to, you must be prepared for absolutely everything, always having the essentials at hand. Don’t go on vacation if you don’t have your wig comb, brush and wig spray with you.
  2. Any adverse weather can seriously affect your hair wig. An example is that if you are going on vacation in a very sunny and windy place, you will need to have a wide-brimmed hat, scarves, and especially wig clips handy, so your wig won’t blow off when a strong wind blows.
  3. Don’t forget your head, you must keep your mind clear to take into account that your head is also very important and should be well cared for as with your wig. You should have on hand in a baby powder container, to keep your scalp completely cool and properly protected from the heat.
  4. If you want some sort of extra support without having to rely on glue or clips under your front lace wig, just try using a non-slip velcro tape. It is conveniently placed under the wig discreetly and prevents it from slipping or moving.
  5. What do you think of wig caps? Whatever your answer, you should consider the enormous benefits that wig caps would provide you when you go on vacation. Wig caps are perfect for keeping your hair in place without falling out.
  6. Even if you are ready to move or run thanks to the wig cap you have nothing to worry about, the attachment is simple and never comes off. We dare you to try it and not fall in love with it, you can pick a couple or more if you prefer.
  7. Last but not least, just as you consider the outfits you’ll be wearing every day, it’s important to think about what wigs you’ll be wearing because you may not need to wear them all if you have more than one. If you go to a very hot place you can choose to wear one with short hair for the day and one with longer hair for the night. So you’d be using two instead of one, or multiple.


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