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15 Best Compliments ALL Men Love To Hear

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It’s natural for both men and women to want to feel appreciated and flattered. Even those who seem to be nonchalant about what others think about them can find their days brightening up, when someone recognizes them for a job well done, their looks or their abilities. In today’s society it seems like women command most of the affection imparted through compliments, but that doesn’t mean men are not as eager or pleased to hear someone offering them one. Below, we have listed some of the best compliments most men want to hear. Some of these might be the best dating tips you ever receive, as well as solid relationship advice:

1) His sense of humor

Something as simple as “you are one of the funniest men I have ever known” may get your guy on a roll. Men love being funny and they love making their dates laugh. If he is successful at doing this, make sure to acknowledge it by making a positive comment about his sense of humor.

2) Ask him for advice

Men are great at providing solutions and they feel good when they can fix their partner’s problems. Here is one of the most simple tips on how to compliment a guy: make him feel good by asking for his advice often and thanking him for it.

3) His looks

“I love your blue eyes” or “I love how powerful your legs look when you run” can make your guy feel invincible. The truth is that many men can appear to be very assertive, when in reality they have doubts about their looks or demeanor. Put their mind at ease by admiring their physique and they will love you for it.

4) Compliment his accomplishments

Chances are that if he is sharing his successes with you, he wants you to recognize him for it. Even if he appears to be modest about his accomplishments, he wants you to go all out and celebrate his triumphs. Getting a promotion, winning a race or even winning at a drinking game are all cause for celebration and recognition.

5) Admire his strength

Yes, it may sound primitive, but men still love being able to changer your tire or carry heavy stuff for you. Guys want to be recognized for being strong and burly and able to help you with their unparalleled strength, therefore, one of the best tips on how to compliment a guy would be – admire his masculinity and his strength.

6) His charm

Guys love hearing that your friends and family love him. If he feels charming and engaging (and if you encourage him by your compliments) – it will make him put in an extra effort to continue to be the most lovable and likable guy anyone has ever met. Saying things like “you made a great impression on my parents” or “my friends all wish they had a boyfriend like you” validates him and his charming personality.

7) Admire his performance 

It’s no secret that men want to be known for their bedroom prowess. If he is great in bed, make sure you let him know – this is one of the most powerful tips on how to compliment a guy. As a consequence, he will make sure to continue to please you and be adventurous in bed.

8) Compliment his brains

You always want to recognize what your man can offer intellectually. Compliment his knowledge of politics, ask him questions and allow him to share what he knows with you. When he sees you are interested, he will want to communicate even more and this will set the groundwork for a good relationship.

9) Admire his work ethic

As much as we want to believe it’s not true, many men are defined by what they do for a living. Compliment them on their profession and let them know you are impressed by their level of responsibility, as well as their commitment to work.

10) Be a little bit jealous

Guys love to see you get a little jealous, because someone else was checking them out or seemed to be interested in them. A small comment alluding to the fact will completely flatter him and make him feel irresistible.

11) Want to know how to compliment a guy? Show him off!

Don’t reserve your admiration and love for him only for private moments. Talk to your friends and family about his virtues in front of him. He will be flattered and moved that you think so highly of him.

12) His dance moves

Let’s face it. All men want to think they are the best on the dance floor and women are swooning just by watching him. If this is at least partially true, make sure to compliment his dance moves, it will make your night out much more fun!

13) Love his future

Guys can be dreamers and the more you support and encourage those dreams, the harder he will fall for you. Listen to them, ask questions and compliment him for having such a great plan for himself.

14) His laugh

If you love to hear your guy laugh, tell him about it. He will be more prone to opening up and sharing a good giggle with you, this will only draw you closer to each other.

15) One of the best tips on how to compliment a guy is – never take his presence in your life for granted!

Without being overbearing, make sure to share a “I love having you in my life” or “What would I do without you?” every so often. Men want to know they hold an important role in your life and don’t want to be taken for granted.

How to compliment a guy? 

Complimenting men is a great way to encourage a relationship to flourish and continue to thrive. Don’t think that because guys are not as vocal about compliments, as some women can be, they do not want to hear it. Make sure your compliment is sincere and it isn’t meant or perceived as lip service, as that can truly derail the relationship.

Following all or some of the thoughts above is probably the best relationship advice you will get as you start dating a guy.

Feel free to share your own tips on how to compliment a guy in the comment section below.

Stay happy!

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