15 Events That Need A Professional Events Production Company

15 Events That Need A Professional Events Production Company

By Dana Hughes | Business Contributor on February 15, 2019
The multi-media crew works at The International to compete for Dota 2 championship at KeysArena, Seattle, US in July 2014 | Jakob Wells/Flickr
The arena at The International to compete for Dota 2 championship at KeysArena, Seattle, US in July 2014 | Jakob Wells/Flickr

Nowadays, an event production company plays an important role in every type of events whether corporate, social, political, sports, entertainment or fund-raising events. You would be wrong thinking that organizing such events are straightforward. An event production manager is responsible for the end-to-end process of planning and organizing an event. In fact, event production starts from the preliminary stage of planning like a brainstorming of ideas and incorporating what matters most – encourage participants to take action depending on the types of event and its goals. Below are some of the common types of events that a event production company or professional event planner is needed:

Corporate Events

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Corporate events are popular for a reason – a very effective strategy to bring people or employees together in a unique way. For example, a business could engage an event production company to help corporate team building events. It’s another way of developing teamwork and the interpersonal relationship among employees, that is hard to meet inside the office. Below are the common corporate events that a qualified event production company could be hired.

  • Product Launch Events. Launching of a new product can bea form of internal meetings to inform employees or launch parties to spread awareness to potential customers. This is normally done prior releasing the product in the market. It can be a dinner party with entertainment and influential names as guests.
  • Trade Shows. Almost similar to launch events, trade shows are normally held to introduce products and services to targeted customers. The plan and preparation of trade show events involve finding sponsors, advertising and promotion. Normally, businesses sponsor trade show events to generate leads.
  • Appreciation Events. There is a wide range of possibilities to plan an appreciation event. It can bean informal party, music festivals, sports fest and the like. Many organizations host this type of event to build business opportunities by gearing towards employee or client appreciation.
  • Team-Building Events. Aside from boosting teamwork and interpersonal skills, many companies conduct team building activities to improve the company’s strength – employee confidence. A typical team building event includes physical activities and workshops.
  • Seminars and Conferences. The most common form of corporate events where organizations plan and hold meetings to relay relevant information. This type of event lasts a couple of hours to a few days depending on the number of speakers and topic to be discussed that usually takes place at a hotel.
  • Executive Retreats and Planning. This type of event requires careful planning. It’s the time where all the company’s executives gather together to plan business strategies and have fun at the same time. Selection of food, accommodation, transportation and activities to do are a big consideration during event planning.
  • Company Milestone Events. Every organization have a milestone that is worth celebrating. It might be a grand opening or company anniversary. Like an appreciation event, milestone event is celebratory in nature that usually includes employees and clients.
  • Shareholders Meetings. It’s mandatory for a company to conduct a shareholder’s meeting. It is an event wherein companies provide information about the business’ performance over the year, plans and strategies to its shareholders and even to the public. Depending on the size of the company, this activity can be held with a hall of thousands of people.

Social Events

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When it comes to social event planning, the event production company must be very detail-oriented. Just like corporate events, social events start with a purpose then followed by budget. Clients are mostly individual who wants to celebrate personal milestone and success within a budget. Event planner should understand first the purpose of the event before questions on the budget comes into play. Clients in this type of event will demand high-quality service at a lower price. A typical event planner should not decline at any circumstances, be creative and offer options based on their budget. Below are the common types of social events that an event planner is needed:

  • Wedding Ceremony and Reception. This is probably the most common among other types of social events. The event planner has a lot of things to take into consideration in a wedding event. From ceremony to reception venues, caterers, photographers, entertainment, attires, etc.
  • Family Events. Anniversaries, reunions or birthdays have become a mandatory celebration across families. Some people will hire an event planner simply because of their busy schedule. Family reunion event has many steps to consider as compared to anniversaries and birthdays.
  • Cocktail Parties. Sometimes an entrepreneur opts for a cocktail party because it’s easier to build opportunities by entertaining potential clients without having a formal dinner. An event planner may be hired to organize the entire party including hosting.

Online Events


With the use of advanced technology, events can be held online by connecting participants and presenters through a web-based interface. The most common type of online events is live streaming, virtual events and webinars.

  • Live Streaming Events. This can be done with a simple webcam or hire an event production company for higher quality broadcasting. Online events are less costly as compared to physical events in terms of venues, transportation, accommodation and other logistics.
  • Virtual Events. Using interactive online features, virtual event enables participants to join in a virtual environment but feels like an offline event. Participants can visit an interactive virtual booth where they can ask questions, interact with the staff. All of this will happen real-time.
  • Webinars: This event revolves around online presentation, discussion and workshops via the web. Webinars are an interactive event that allows participants to ask and discuss information on the topic presented through web-based conferencing tools. It can be real-time or on demand.

In this modern-day, most of the organizations prefer to utilize the latest available technology and conduct online events to save time and money. Many businesses opt to hire an event production company to help them organize live streaming events, create contents for live production, design interactive booths for trade shows and more. Normally, the rate of an event production company will start at not more than $25K depending on whether it’s a corporate, social or an online event.


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