15 Frequently Asked Questions About Drug Addiction

15 Frequently Asked Questions About Drug Addiction

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How you handle drug addiction depends on what you know about it. There are certain things you must know to be able to help. Here are the answers to important questions about drug addiction.

Q1. What is drug addiction?

Drug addiction is the dependence on certain drugs so much that you can’t function without taking the drug. This is different from when you are managing a particular condition and you are placed on certain medications.

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Q2. Why do people engage in drug addiction?

There are several reasons for this. Some people take certain drugs to get rid of emotional trauma or physical pain while some other people take it for certain pleasure. The most common reason is peer group effect. If you find yourself among people who take substances, they will make you feel inferior until you decide to “step up to their level” by taking the stuff.

Q3. Is it curable?

Yes, drug addiction is curable. However, the earlier you seek medical intervention, the easier and cheaper it will be for you or any drug addiction patient to get rehabilitated.


Q4. Why do drug addiction patients balk at checking into rehab centers?

There are a couple of reasons for this. First off, a lot drug addiction patients initially don’t agree that they are addicted. The second reason is that some of them try to handle the addiction themselves and the third reason is that they are afraid of stigmatization.

Q5. How do I know if am addicted or not?

There is a simple test for this. Try to stay away from the usual drug you take for about 7 days or longer. If you are not able to pull this simple task through, chances are you are already addicted to your favorite substance. On the other hand, if you can pull it through, then it means you are not addicted, at least, not yet. However, the fact that you are not addicted now does not mean addiction can’t creep in later. So, you should be careful.

Q6. Can I handle addiction myself?

Naturally, nothing is impossible but it is not advisable because the degree of addiction increases with time. You may be getting worse with time. So, it is not advisable to handle it yourself. Seek intervention as quickly as possible. To learn more about addiction and why it is necessary for you to check into a treatment center, check this link – www.ambrosiatc.com/hopetracker/family-of-drug-abuser. You will also find out all the treatment options open to addiction patients. Due to all the treatments offered in treatment centers, it will be difficult (if not impossible) to find anyone who recovered fully from addiction on his own without intervention.

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Q7. Are rehab participants still being stigmatized

Nothing can be further from the truth than that. Rather, drug addiction patients are being encouraged to come forward for help. Rehab centers also operate with the highest level of confidentiality.

Q8. Can you force anyone into a rehab?

No! Don’t force anyone. He could go there and sabotage your efforts. Instead, persuade him or her and show more love and concern. Chances of rehab success will be higher when a drug addiction patient willingly agrees to check into a center.

Q9. Do family and friends have a role to play?

Yes, they do. If your son or loved one is in rehab, you need to play your own role too. If the center allows you to visit or call him, then you should visit and call him regularly so that he doesn’t feel abandoned. You also need to make arrangement on how to keep him busy after his rehab.


Q10. What is the biggest danger of addiction?

The biggest problem with drug addiction is bankruptcy and suicidal thoughts.

Q11. What is the most common type of drug addiction?

It is heroin addiction. More than 23 percent of people who took it eventually became addicted to it.

Q12. Is it possible to recover fully from heroin addiction?

Yes it is possible but it is a lifelong exercise.

Q13. Can you pay for drug rehab through insurance?

Yes. Unfortunately, only few rehab centers accept payment through insurance and only few health insurance policies cover rehab.

Q14. What is withdrawal syndrome?

This is a set of symptoms that occurs when a drug addiction patient discontinues the intake of the drug.

Q15. What are common symptoms of withdrawal syndrome?

Some of the common symptoms are depression, love for solitude, and being aggressive.

Drug addiction is a serious issue you should deal with as soon as possible. One of the most important things to avoid during your recovery is triggers. There are drug rehab centers in neighborhoods like Northgate in Seattle, Washington that could help you avoid these triggers.


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