15 Things You Must Never Give Up For A Relationship

15 Things You Must Never Give Up For A Relationship

By iDIVA on October 10, 2014
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Relationships are hard work, yes. But that doesn’t mean that you need to compromise at every turn to make it work. While compromises and adjustments are much needed tools, there are some things that are too precious to give up for any relationship. Take a look at 15 things that are essential for you to maintain your individuality while in a relationship.

1.Your confidence: A healthy relationship will leave you feeling happier and confident, as opposed to inadequate and unworthy. If your relationship doesn’t, you might be sacrificing too much.

2.Your beliefs: We all have our own set of beliefs – be it religious or spiritual – and they are what define us. If you are being forced to give up on your beliefs, take it as a warning sign.

3.Your personal space: Doing things as a couple is a wonderful experience but make sure you maintain your independence and resist the ‘two bodies, one soul,’ principle.

4.Your honesty: If you find yourself in a situation where you need to hide things from your partner simply because he does not approve of it, then the relationship needs a rethink.

5.Your freedom of choice: No matter how positive the relationship is, if you don’t have the freedom to make your own choices and be your own person, it’s best to let go.

6.Your individuality: While some changes are in fact for the better, you need to maintain your individuality. After all that is what attracted your partner to you in the first place.

7.Your happiness: If you find yourself unhappy or just plain miserable, despite trying to make the relationship work, move on.

8.Your dreams: Giving up your dreams and goals, the ones you nurtured for almost all your life, is not worth it for anyone.

9.Your relationships: Yes, your partner may not like certain relationships, like your friendship with your ex, but make sure you don’t give up on friends and family whom you love and care about.

10.Your right to decide: Relationships are about two people and you have every right to have a say in things, whether it’s having a baby or buying a car. Make sure your decision-making power is never compromised.

11.Your self-respect: Don’t give up on your basic values and self-respect just to make a relationship work. If you are being made to cross boundaries that you would never have thought of, the relationship needs a rethink.

12.Your career: If you love what you do, no one should be able to take it from you unless you yourself are okay with it.

13.Your personality: You might be a loud, fun girl who gets drunk every once in a while, or someone who prefers books over people. Whatever your personality make sure you are not made to feel guilty about it or asked to change.

14.Your appearance: Yes, every guy has a fantasy woman whom he would like his girl to be like, but being forced or pushed into changing your appearance even if it makes you uncomfortable is a total no-no!

15.Your diet: You might be vegetarian, a meat-eater or completely vegan; your food habits are your choice and you should not be pushed into changing them for anyone, unless you really want to.

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