17 Fun Ways To Do Up Your Living Room

17 Fun Ways To Do Up Your Living Room

By The Times of India on February 2, 2014
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Interior expert Raseel Gujral lists simple fun ways to do up your living room.

1. Personality
I want to walk into a space that makes me sigh! The living room should be designed in such a way that it speaks to you with volume and personality.

2. Unusual pairing
The rush of being surprised by unexpected beauty. For example a beautiful antique in an otherwise contemporary living room setting is something unexpected.

3. Art talks
Nothing can replace the timeless appeal of original art. Exquisite pieces of art can hold an entire space together.

4. Touch of unapologetic glamour
Glamour needs no justification. Every living room should have a hint of glamour — need not be loud, just a touch of Venetian glass can change the look of a room!

5. Colour
Colour is oxygen — it makes you breathe. Each colour makes you feel different — it lights up your life!

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6. Transform the mundane 
The layering of materials can transform the simple to the sublime. An intricately worked on carpet in an empty space can transform the otherwise mundane area to something interesting. A simple sofa with exotic cushions can change the look of your living room.

7. Sense of origin 
Never lose it. When you fill your room with furniture it should not shout but should have gentle flavours.

8. Conversation pieces 
Key pieces should anchor a space, not let it float away. You may have a small room and fill it with a hundred small pieces. Visually it’s unappealing and your pieces do not get noticed either. Have one large painting or one large sculpture in the room instead.

9. Let your experiences and travels talk 
There is no substitute to personal style. Your living room should reflect it in the things that you pick on your travels!

10. Find your own inspiration 
Fashion, art, life — everything is a stimulus. One is inspired by books, clothes, fashion shows etc. This inspiration should be brought in to your rooms.

11. Dare to differ
There is nothing more boring than the black dress syndrome. Do not follow the herd. Do up your house differently. Paint a wall in a deep mahogany!

12. Minimalism
Today to be minimal means leaching every bit of personality. Minimalism is in! Do not do anything over the top. Your room should be simple and sophisticated. Minimalist interiors don’t necessarily mean everything is stripped down. It means everything serves a specific function.

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13. Lift your spirits 
Details. Ones that make you fall in love over and over. Fill your room with little things that give you joy. It can be a simple photo frame, a beautiful vase, anything that lifts your spirit!

14. Surprise yourself
The compulsion to constantly surprise yourself. The furniture you place in the living room should have a story, so every time you walk in, it should surprise you.

15. A thing of beauty is a joy forever 
Buying objects of beauty — is beginning a love affair, every time. The joy of finding something new and bringing it home — like picking up a lamp in an antique market.

16. Change is good
The drama of everyday life. Keep changing the look of your home. Paint a sculpture an electric red this will add drama!

17. Lighting 
The play of light and shadow — in pattern and history. Place your pieces in such a way that the light and shadow will form designs in your room.

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