17 Unrealistic Dating Expectations You Have From Watching Romantic Series

17 Unrealistic Dating Expectations You Have From Watching Romantic Series

By Metro UK on May 30, 2015
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Watching a good romantic comedy is like wrapping yourself in a warm, comfy duvet made of sweet ‘meet cutes’ and heart-fluttering romance.

Sadly, if you spend too much time consuming these pieces of cinematic confectionary, you’ll end up with toothache of the heart because they perpetuate myths about love and romance which just aren’t realistic.

This is a fact because science says it’s so. Research has found that romcom fans who believe in the idea that the perfect relationship exists are setting themselves up for disappointment.

Here’s some of the worst lies that romcoms tell you…

1. Hitting on your friend’s partner is really sweet.


2. A makeover is all it takes. Just take off your glasses and men will fall at your feet.


3. Good-looking guys who act like complete players and avoid commitment are really incredibly sweet underneath. They’re just waiting for the right girl.


4. Once these men meet the right woman, they’ll stop acting like man children, ditch the Xbox, grow up and change.


5. That cute, quirky girl you fancy, who likes to do the craziest things, is your dream woman (not just a bit unhinged).


6. If you bicker and fight with someone, it’s because you fancy each other like mad (not because they’re acting like a d**k).


7. Playing hard to get works.


8. When you meet The One you’ll just know. Straightaway.


9. The ‘right person’ will know what you’re thinking and feeling without you saying anything.


10. Making a ridiculous, romantic gesture will solve everything and excuse any previous bad behaviour.


11. Awkward British men with great hair are really rather charming and not just emotionally constipated.


12. Finding out you’re sharing your man with another woman is a good opportunity for you to make her your new best friend.

(Picture: 20th Century Fox)
(Picture: 20th Century Fox)

13. Displaying borderline obsessive behaviour is actually really romantic and not creepy at all.


14. Having sex with your friend with benefits will lead to true love and not a one-sided relationship where you’re anxiously pining for someone, who’s free to bang other people.


15. You don’t need to get each other’s numbers or even add each other on Facebook. He’ll find you. Because fate.

(Picture: Miramax Films)
(Picture: Miramax Films)

16. Ditching your fiance/fiancee for another person, sometimes during the actual wedding ceremony, is totally OK and not douchey at all. What kind of a monster would want to stand in the way of true love?

(Picture: Working Title Films)
(Picture: Working Title Films)

17. Happy-ever-after is guaranteed the moment you get married.



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