2 Things Christians Should Stop Doing On Social Media

2 Things Christians Should Stop Doing On Social Media

By Christian Post on October 23, 2014
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These are two things I have seen on social media that makes me wonder if we are representing Jesus well? These are a couple of things to consider if you are a Christian and use social media often. I say everything in love and with the intention of helping all of us represent His name well.

  1. Stop posting inappropriate things. As Christians we represent Jesus. The Bible calls us ambassadors. With that in mind, shouldn’t we want to represent Him well? I get so sad when I scroll through Facebook, Instagram and twitter, and see a lot of the things Christians are posting. For example, lots of young Christians are posting half naked pictures of themselves, sometimes less than half naked. Others are posting, reposting and tweeting sexual memes and gifs with vulgar images and expressions. When we post things like this and then in our bios we claim to be a follower of Jesus, it sends a mixed message and distorts what it means to be a Christian. Now obviously I know none of us are perfect and we all make mistakes. Having said that, we still need to represent Jesus well. I challenge you to watch what you post on social media. The world is watching.
  1. Stop arguing on social media. There are times when we need debate Truth. Paul the Apostle passiontely debated truth. Having said that, that doesn’t mean we should get drug into every argument we are invited into. Use wisdom, and know when to speak and when not to speak. Know when to debate and know when not to debate. I am not saying to stop standing for the truth; we should always stand for the truth! As Christians we should be known for our love and what we stand for, not just what we stand against. When times arise that we need to debate, we should debate with love and patience, not out of anger. True story, one time someone disagreed with something I said on social media, and was messaging me about it. Instead of going back and forth on social media in a mean spirited way, I gave the person my contact info and we talked it out on the phone. By the end of the conversation, we became friends. You see, most times, social media is not the best place to debate. There are obviously exceptions, but debates are better when they are personal and done in love. The whole point of a debate is not to be right, it is to reveal the love and truth of Jesus. Unfortunately, most debates that take place on social media are done in the wrong way.

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