12 Reasons Many People Believe The Chibok School Kidnapping Is A Scam...

12 Reasons Many People Believe The Chibok School Kidnapping Is A Scam [MUST READ]

Muhammadu Buhari Nigeria chibok amina ali
President Buhari receives rescued Chibok Girl, Amina Ali and Family in State House on 19th May 2016. | AP/Azeez Akunleyan

Here are the reasons why I and many others like me don’t believe the Chibok story.

It is not exactly correct to accuse those who disbelieve the Chibok girls abduction story of insensitivity. Truth be told, the Chibok girls story is riddled with inconsistencies, incoherences, contradictions and outright lies. Believing the story almost requires suspending a part of the brain used in critical thinking and reasoning.

I am not implying that no girl was abducted in Chibok. Far from it. I am just saying that those who narrated the event starting from the Chibok School principal -Hajiya Kwambura Asabe, the Borno state governor -Ibrahim Shettima down to the Nigerian army… all of these characters deliberately manipulated their report to achieve certain aim.

Rather than trying to guilt people into swallowing the lies sold by the aforementioned characters, those who honestly believe the Chibok story should be trying to help offer answers to some of the questions regarding the incident:

1. What did Boko Haram use in moving over 200 girls??

2. I mean, how many trucks were in their convoy and how did they move such a very long convoy to their destination without being detected by the authority?

3. How did Boko Haram manage to keep over 200 girls in custody and completely off the radar of powerful countries like America and Britain with all their sophisticated equipments such that these two countries came here and searched for the girls but found nothing??

4. Why did it take weeks for the supposed parents of the abducted girls to come forward??

5. Why did it take months for the Chibok school of the abducted girls to come forward with their names and photos??

6. How possible is it to have around 276 girls sitting for physics WAEC exam in one center in an educationally disadvantaged state like Borno??

Sometime last year, some of the girls were reported to have escaped from the Boko Boys and were even interviewed by CNN. My questions go thus:

8. How did a couple of naive teenage girls manage to escape from the world’s deadliest terror group??

9. And how did the escapees find their way through the mine-infested Sambisa forest which the authorities told us is as big as the entire Enugu State?? This question is particularly important to me.

10. In the interview with CNN, the chibok girls who were supposedly sitting for WAEC exam at the time of their abduction could not speak English language. Na Hausa language they for take write the WAEC exam??

Now, to the issue of one of the girls that’s just been ‘rescued’:

11. How come the army, the vigilante and the school authority were all having verbal gymnastics over the girl’s name with each group coming up with different name for the girl??

12. Does it mean that the girl no longer know her own name??

If there is something I hate so much, it is being thought insensitive. But there is something I hate even more, and that is pretending to believe an illogical story just to sound politically correct.

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  1. Sadly, this chap and a handful of others give the impression that Ndigbo care for no one else but themselves, which is not true. But there is a hardy sub-culture of men and women in the south east that can see no good in any other tribe or region except their own, and there loud ramblings distorts the perception of the majority.

    • You haven’t tried to answer or address any of his areas of concerns but you rather resorted to name calling. You did not make him to know the correct thing neither have you cleared the air for other people who may find themselves reading this article. You said your mind which you are entitled to but you think he or anyone else who thinks his way is wrong. That part annoys.

  2. This is no point being an ethnic bigot, this is a modern world, if you have answers to his questions do provide them an be silent.

  3. It really sad the owner of this blog will allow you to write this on his platform, if you’re knowledgeable enough, you wouldn’t have asked the first three questions? Seek knowledge not education.

  4. Only fool will believe they found any of the girls. The are either used for suicide bomb or married off . Bihari and team are scam. They tell Nigerians what they want them to believe.

  5. There’s no point calling anyone names here…

    A concerned Nigerian simply wishes to be cleared of certain areas he and so many other Nigerians(Tribe or religion inconsequential) don’t understand or think is impossible by critical reasoning.

    The best thing an intellectual should do here is to answer d questions with some unquestionable proof/logic…..

    or be silent, instead of promoting the kind of hate and religious/tribal tension that is inadvertently spreading across d nation.

    After all it is d duty of any government or leadership to beyond any reasonable doubt carry it’s people along and earn their trust.

  6. My Real People of Nigeria !

    It sad that at this time of modern age of ours we are still behaved and belief every lies formulated by olds brains.
    In Lagos state and Kano state,
    How many Students both boys and girls can take WAEC Examination?

  7. Can only one school in Borno state produce over 200 students to write WASC in physics? .what is total number of students enrolment in Borno state as a whole? If they have such number then they are no longer educationally backward state

  8. I am one of those who do not understand the politics being played with such matters. I did not like the way the government handled and is handling the matter. I am not and was not there at Chibok to know exactly what happened. Based on that, I am not in a position to say there were no missing Chibok girls. A deadly group who were and are still killing people like chickens including young, vibrant school boys, kidnapping school girls, is even a lenient act if you ask me. To answer some of your questions- if what I read is true, that the said school is the only secondary school in that LGA ( Not sure of the LGA population though), it may not be out of place to find up to 276 girls offering physics. With regard to speaking English language, I honestly think it is not out of place to see secondary school leavers (even university graduates) struggling to communicate in English language. I rather would like someone to communicate fluently in his/her local language for me to understand him/her better even if it means using a paid interpreter than to struggle listening to the person in an alien language. Having said that, I must say that Nigerians have not been lucky with good governance right from the inception of this country. What we have ever had were tribal leaders who were busy carving a tribal niche for their own people in a country that was supposed to be one. There were few exceptions though corrupt were less tribalistic along the way such as Shagari, Musa Yaradua , Obasanjo and G Jonathan . PDP was not able to score a pass mark in terms of good governance through out the 16years. There were few good achievements though. Having said that, judging from what is happening so far, the current government is the worst I have witnessed as a Nigerian after the Military era.

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