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20 Things You Should Never Do In Front Of Your Husband

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Sure your man said ‘for good and for worse’ while marrying you. But there are certain things that your man so should not catch you doing. In case you still insist and want to test your hubby’s unconditionallove for you, do these following things in front of him at your own risk.

1. Don’t take your personal matters on social media.
Reason: Avoid messages on Facebook or online platforms like, “Want a pet or let’s have a baby?” Rather have a one-on-one conversation at home. You might embarrass him by forcing his hand when he is not ready to commit to a decision of yours!

2. Bring the house down with your yelling.
Reason: Are you cheerleading? No? Then, let’s use a more reasonable tone to get your point across. Screaming once in a while for venting out frustration is fine, but making it a norm might raise the red flag.

3. Overstuff your mouth while gulping down food.
Reason: Oh, remember the table manners your mother taught you. They were for a reason. But in case you are too hungry to keep your food intake in check, go ahead and indulge. And try not to look too embarrassed about it. After all, it is your house too!

4. Put on shapewear.
Reason: Every time you look sexy in that clingy dress, he might wonder whether it is really you or your slimming intimates doing the trick!

5. Get caught stalking an ex online.
Reason: You are sending out the wrong signal that if you break up with me, I will come after you. You don’t want him to have nightmares thinking about the end even before the honeymoon period is over.

6. Scream at a waiter/driver.
Reason: It paints a picture that you cannot hold your cool. You really don’t want him to think that all the niceness you project around him is a put-on just to impress him.

7. Giving away your secrets.
Reason: In the name of transparency or guilt don’t give away all your secrets. The air of mystery is always alluring but don’t take it too far.

8. Being coy about your periods.

Reason: There is no point pretending that you are ok when you are not. Be open and share that you might have mood swings and feel sluggish during that time of the month. So, that it will not catch him unawares.

9. Always engage him in your gossip sessions.
Reason: Some girl pastimes are better with girlfriends. You might come across as ‘shallow’ or ‘bitchy’ if every time you use him as your sounding board for your emotional venting. Call your girlfriends instead!

10. Be mean to a child.
Reason: Nobody wants to hang around a mean person. Especially when it comes to dove-eyed, angel-faced children who can make your hubby’s heart melt but not for you!

11. Bite your fingernails and toenails in the living room.
Reason: Ew. If you have a habit of biting your nails, keep it confined within the bathroom otherwise you just might put him off.

12. Put him down on where he comes from.
Reason: Never, try to enter a losing battle especially when it comes to you versus his family.

13. Leave the bathroom door open.
Reason: Bathroom doors were built for a reason. Everything that happens there stays there-be it trashing the sanitary napkins or disposing your waste.

14. Lose control when you are drunk.
Reason: It’s not the most romantic thing in the world when you lose control and puke on someone. He’s probably OK to take care of you, but don’t test his limits.

15. Floss your teeth outside the bathroom.

Reason: Imagine if those tiny particles of food get lodged at corners of your house and your husband knows who the culprit is! You can be in big trouble if he is a cleanliness freak.

16. Don’t say excuse me.

Reason: Burping and passing gas may be unavoidable when you are staying together. But what about the manners as it shows serious lack of grooming at your end!

17. Flirt with someone else.

Reason: Don’t go over the top to make him jealous, it’s never cool to make the other feel insecure or insignificant.

18. Cut him off.
Reason: Never cut-him off mid-sentence unless he is ranting or you are in a hurry. It gives out the wrong message that you are not interested in what he has to say!

19. Public display of affection when his boss is over.
Reason: You might want to show what a beautiful bond you both share but don’t take it too far. You might just end up embarrassing him and goof up his chances of promotion.

20. Comparing scores in public.
Reason: Be careful where you share about your past relationships. You don’t want your in-laws or relatives pointing fingers at you and asking justifications from your husband.

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