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2015: Group Urges Buhari To Run For Presidency

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A political interest group, the Buhari Vanguard, has urged the former Head of State, Major-General Muhammad Buhari, to declare to contest the 2015 presidential election on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The group in a statement signed by its national coordinator, Mr. Jasper Azuatalam, described Buhari as the person that fits the description of what the party’s candidate should be.

“We consider Buhari as one who fits this description and call on him to declare to contest the 2015 presidential election on the platform of the APC. Many Nigerians think that now is the right time for him to step into the ring. Buhari’s entrance into the race will rekindle hope in many Nigerians and arouse the commitments of millions of Nigerians who believe in him to join in championing the cause of positive change in Nigeria come 2015,” he said.

He said the Buhari’s candidacy would bring a lot of commitments and support as millions of Nigerians would throw their weights behind the APC because of their trust and confidence in the person of  Buhari.

Azuatalam said his early declaration would give room for enough time to strategise and enlighten Nigerians towards the expected victory come 2015, adding that it would make APC more united and position it for victory in the 2015 general election.

“We are aware that Buhari in his own opinion and feeling, pronounced on the eve of the 2011 general election that he will not contest the presidential election again after 2011. However, we would like to remind  him that the goodwill, respect, honour and popularity he enjoys was made possible by millions of Nigerians who hold him in high esteem, believe in him and honour him without any kind of inducement from him.

“Buhari is not the only former Head of State; neither is he the only retired general nor the only elder statesman in Nigeria, but it is common knowledge that Buhari enjoys the greatest fellowship, goodwill, respect and popularity among all his contemporaries. We believe that honour is reciprocal and that if a man is honoured by his people, it will only be right for the one that is honoured to also honour those that honoured him.

“We want Buhari to understand that this is neither about him and his family nor what he feels as an individual, but it is about 170 million Nigerians who are in dire need of good leadership and a better future. We encourage him to disregard all the obstacles and challenges and step into the race for the 2015 presidential election in the interest of Nigerians

“Our nation is at a crossroad, hopes are dimming, tension is high, and tomorrow is not certain for anyone as a result of the unimaginable level of insecurity, corruption, indiscipline, poverty, impunity, recklessness and flagrant disregard to the constitution. Our institutions of governance are battered and government is on “auto pilot”, the people are in disarray because there is no one to show the way.

“At this point, Nigeria cannot afford to gamble with leadership again, neither can she affords to try luck or take chances anymore. What is required now is a decisive, strong, disciplined, respected, and influential leader with zero tolerance for corruption, indiscipline, materialism and above all, a proven record of the aforementioned qualities as well as the confidence of the people,” he added.

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