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3 Key Things To Note When Trying To Find Cannabis Seeds For Your First Grow

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[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith the legalization of marijuana in many states, more people are deciding to cultivate cannabis. However, before doing so, they need to have certain questions answered. Cannabis seeds varieties have unique characteristics a person must know about to ensure they get a finished product that meets their needs.

In addition, a person interested in buying marijuana seeds must know the different types of seeds. They must have a basic understanding of strain options. In addition, they need to know which supplier to buy from to ensure they get seeds that will produce quality weed. With this information, the grower will find it easier to choose appropriate seeds.

Types of Cannabis Seeds

Cannabis seeds come in three basic types. Regular seeds produce both male and female plants. They cost less than other versions but require more work on the part of the grower. The grower must remove any male plants before they pollinate female plants. Pollination ruins the finished crop by making it seedy.

Feminized seeds only produce female plants, so the grower won’t need to remove any male plants. They spend less time cultivating the crop but pay more for the seeds when doing so.

Autoflowering seeds aren’t dependent on the light cycle. The plants automatically begin flowering when they reach a certain stage of growth, regardless of the light conditions. Many first-time growers choose this option because they are less likely to lose an entire crop due to a mistake on their part.

Strain Options

Once the type of seed has been chosen, the grower should move on to the strain options. They will find they have three options here as well.

People prefer Indica strains when they wish to relax or they want relief from pain they are experiencing. These plants tend to be short and bushy and come with broad leaves.

Those who want to grow marijuana for medicinal purposes typically turn to Sativa strains. People who use Sativa strains find they feel uplifted and energized. The plants are typically tall, thin, and feature narrow leaves.

Hybrid strains combine elements of Indica and Sativa strains. They offer the best of both types.

THC and CBD concentrations vary by strain. Some people assume Indica strains have more THC while Sativa strains have more CBD, but that is no longer the case. The buyer should look into the concentration of each in a strain before purchasing.

Choosing a Seed Supplier

New growers should choose their seed supplier carefully. Consider the strains they offer and ask about quality genetics. This means the supplier knows the origin of each strain.

Ask about shipping options, as seeds should come in discreet packaging, and learn what the policy is for any seeds confiscated by the authorities. Determine what payment types are accepted as well. Cannabis seed suppliers often find traditional financial institutions won’t work with them, so they may be limited in terms of the payments they can accept.

Read ratings and reviews for each provider to gain an understanding of the business. Furthermore, look at the customer service options. New growers often have questions, and good and reputable suppliers such as Zamnesia should be available to help answer these questions.

Any person can grow cannabis. However, their success when doing so depends on the seeds selected. Learn about all available options to determine which ones are right for the grower’s needs. What may be ideal for one person won’t be appropriate for another. Keep this in mind when first starting out.

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