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3 Places Where Couples Can Keep Excitement In Their Relationship

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by Anna Bella

Does he still get hot under the collar every time you wink your long lashes at him? Do you two not only go on date night, but an exhilarating date night every now and then? And what about in the bedroom? Are you catering to each other’s secret fantasies – do you even know his?

If you answered no to any one of these, you need to begin an adventure! And I don’t mean going bush walking on a Sunday morning.

There are 3 areas you should be getting adventurous in with your relationship.

1. In Bed – This is pretty obvious. Your sex life should be adventurous over and over again. Surprise him with a range of different positions when he least expects it or take him to a sex shop and ask him to choose some dress up clothes for you to wear. Maybe you want to be Punk Rocker Pink and talk dirty all night, or a sexy waitress who takes his order while sitting on his lap.

The key here is to find out his fantasies and when things are becoming a little too mundane in the bedroom. Bring them to life! However, if his fantasies become a little ‘out there’ for you, then never feel obligated to acting them out. Let them remain his fantasies for his mind only.

2. Out on a Date – Everyone has heard of date night or going on a date day to reconnect without anyone around. But it doesn’t have to be eating at the same restaurant each week or having a picnic to keep romance alive.

What about doing something adventurous like going scuba diving or abseiling down a cliff together? If that’s a little too physical for you, how about ice skating or taking a boat ride down the river? Learning to dance is a fun one if you’re a little bit older and it helps tighten those buns, too!

3. In Company – When you are in other’s company, how about spicing things up by whispering naughty things in his ear? Or touch him underneath the table cloth where no one can see. You know what turns him on and if you do it discreetly in another’s company, he will see that as dangerous and compelling.

Trust me, these things are a big turn on and just the way to add a bit of adventure to your lives.

Anna Bella is a relationship writer, having spent over a decade exploring different dating avenues before finding her perfect match on a cruise ship. Now she helps others find their own perfect match and helps to keep their relationship alive over a lifetime. Anna Bella loves sharing her quotes and messages through Facebook and Instagram.

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