3 Things To Say That Make Her Crazy For You

3 Things To Say That Make Her Crazy For You

By Your Life 1st on April 25, 2014
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I love it when guys come to me after their buddies have given them information that has failed…

Especially when they have tried out some of those supposedly great things to say to get a girl. Nine times out of ten they come to me and say, “My buddy gave me this amazing line, but it didn’t work on the ladies I tried it on. Why didn’t it work for me, when it worked so well for  him?”

While it might have worked like a dream for your bud, when you repeated the line, it is more than likely that the girl you used it on simply didn’t believe you. The same line coming from you (as opposed to another guy) can come across in a completely different way. Similarly the same line can have very different affects on different women.

So what are the best things to say to get a girl?

I have spent a lot of time learning how to attract women fast and how to approach a woman. I have also studied the physics involved in how to get a girl to like you. There are many sweet things to say to a girl, and many more ways that you can use when approaching women. But you need to get it right. So here are some great tips that include things to say to get a girl. These tips will also help you fathom exactly what to say and how to say whatever it is you decide you want to say!

Three Great Tips to Get a Girl:

I have a mountain of information that will help you attract women, including a multitude of things to say to get a girl into bed with you. This is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak!

So for starters, here are three very valuable tips to say to a girl:

1. Understand the difference between how men and women talk to one another.

The main difference between a man who is good with women and someone who is not, is the way the two people talk to women. A man who communicates well with women, generally talks to women in a similar way that women talk to each other.

Watch other men who are good with women and you will learn.

When you are approaching women, talk to them in the same way as you talk to your male friends, and you will find that you can bond with them a lot faster. Better still, the faster they bond with you, the more attracted they get. The funny thing is that you don’t have to talk about crafts or shopping or any other girlie stuff. In fact, I’ll show you how you can talk about boys stuff like sports, sex, and even video games and you will still find that you are able to bond with her in seconds.

The key to understanding how women talk to one another is in the way that they relate to one another.

The way that women communicate with one another is distinctly different to the way men communicate. A main difference that I have identified is that men generally share information when they talk. I like to think of mens’ conversations as building projects. One man puts down the foundation, the next adds a brick, then another adds even more bricks.

Here is an example in speech and communication:

HANK: “Hey, John, how’s it going?”

JOHN: “Not bad, Hank. Just got back from the hardware store.”

HANK: “You know, I was in there the other day for this new pair of pliers. Had to fix this leak from under the sink.”

JOHN: “Ah yeah. I had to do that the other week. The trick is really angling the pliers so you don’t hit your knuckles on the pipe…”

And now John and Hank will share tips for fixing things. If this sounds stereotypically male, it’s because I’m simply trying to make a point. I know the last time you talked to your friends about fixing a pipe might not have been yesterday, or even a month ago, or ever. But my point is that women, when they have the same conversation, will relate in a completely different way.

Here is a female example:

JENN: “Hey, Sally, what’s up?”

SALLY: “Nothing much. I just got back from the hardware store.”

JENN: “I was there last week for a pair of new pliers. Had to fix this leak under the sink.”

SALLY: “I hate when that happens. I also had to get tools to try and fix this weird leak from the shower.”

Can you see what happened?

Sally related with what Jenn said. This shows in the fact that she didn’t add anything to the conversation technically. She didn’t share tips or strategies or help to solve the problem. Instead, she empathised with Jenn. She showed Jenn that she understood her and felt the same feelings. You can do the same thing using the following technique.

2. Talk to women like they talk to each other.

This is very easy… You simply take something she said, but instead of adding advice, you say something similar. That is the basis to relating positively to other people.

Here is an example:

She says, “I went to the beach last week with my friends.”

You say: “Last time I was at the beach, I got a wicked sunburn. I had to put lotion on it for days – I looked like a lobster!”

She says, “I’m having a lot of trouble getting this guy at work to give me a break.”

You say, “Tell me about it. This guy at work keeps hassling me. I think he likes me or something.”

She says, “I’m so frustrated with this thing that’s going on in my life… or even in our relationship.”

You say, “I know exactly how you feel. That must be really tough for you.”

This is the key to getting along with women, and should give you a lot of guidance in terms of things to say to get a girl. Please pay attention, because this approach will make you incredibly attractive to women, because relatively few men know about this technique.

Not only will it help you relate to women, but every single woman in your life will also treat you better. You’ll get better service from women who work in delis, coffee shops, your female landlord, boss, nurse, or co-worker. You’ll also get special treatment at your favourite bar, from your favourite bartender, and you can even get priority seating from women hostesses at your favorite restaurants.

3. Turn attention into attraction

You want to turn the attention you get (from relating to women properly) into attraction. You want more than female friends. You want women to become attracted to you, to start doing you favors, and to want to get into your pants. After all isn’t this why you want to learn how to approach a woman, and to learn more about things to say to a girl?

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