4 Quick Ways To Combat Burnout While Working From Home

4 Quick Ways To Combat Burnout While Working From Home

By Business | The Trent on March 25, 2021
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2020 has been one of the worst years in the history of humankind. A global pandemic, social unrest, wildfires and poor economy – the year has seen it all. As millions around the planet retired to their homes to work from their safety nets, a million more lost their jobs, their loved ones and their livelihood to a virus. Schools and colleges started operating remotely to flatten the curve, and as people isolated themselves, the global economy took a dip.

The pandemic, besides impairing people’s physical health, also led to people losing their sanity by the minute. People’s mental health started coming apart at the seams, and cases of depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders rose meteorically. Now that we have entered 2021 with renewed hope, it is time to reflect on the ordeals we had to face the last year.

One of the most common conditions that most of us faced was anxiety and burnout while working from home. Most organizations failed to draw boundaries and started piling more work than ever on their employees, hoping that the work-from-home setup shall allow them to capitalize on their employees’ free time and labor. However, all that this led to was burnout, stress and anxiety going off the charts. That said, in today’s article, we shall look into a few ways one can combat burnout while working from home.

4 Quick Ways To Combat Burnout While Working From Home

1. Start by Creating a Routine:

Most people might not pay much attention to the process of creating a routine, thinking that working from home cuts them some slack. However, this is where they go wrong. Working from home does not mean that you get to ditch the office discipline. In fact, you need to follow a routine more than ever since it is easy to get distracted while you work from home. Ensure that you have changed into a decent attire before you start working.

You do not have to wear your suits or formal shirts. However, the least you can do is get out of those pajamas and wear something else. Also, wake up early and finish up with your breakfast. Sleeping till your office starts shall do you no good. It shall only leave you feeling exhausted and anxious at the end of each day. Once you have changed and finished up with your breakfast, ditch the bed and find a place where you can work peacefully. This will help you be more productive and finish your work on time and avoid burnout.

2. Draw Boundaries from Day 0:

It is important that you draw boundaries from the first day of work-from-home. Tell your family members that you cannot afford distractions while you work, and create a space for yourself where your family members are not allowed during your office hours. Draw boundaries with your employers too. The work-from-home setup is not a blank check for your employers to delegate your work to their heart’s content, and they must understand that. You shall be left feeling burnt out in no time if you fail to draw boundaries and take more than you can eat on your plate.

Tell your employers clearly how much you can work in a day and come to an amicable negotiation before it is too late. This will not only help you keep work stress and burnouts at bay but also build your confidence at work. Plus, you can also finish your work with more perfection and dedication.

4 Quick Ways To Combat Burnout While Working From Home

3. Take Frequent Breaks:

The human brain is not designed to hold its concentration for hours or work at a stretch without feeling fatigued. Therefore, if you think that you shall take no breaks and work at a stretch to log out soon, you shall be making a huge mistake. It is puerile to think that you can finish your work soon without a break. Instead, it will only burn you out and lead you to push your deadlines. Therefore, what you must instead do is take a few breaks every two hours.

You could play some fun games on some reputed online australian casinos, since they are known to be very safe, or you could take long walks. You might also want to watch a few episodes of your favorite sitcom to break the redundancy of work. These short breaks shall leave you feeling rejuvenated and help keep burnout syndromes at bay. In fact, you shall also be better able to concentrate on your work and approach your deadlines with more confidence.

4. Communicate with Your Loved Ones and Practice Self-Care:

Working from home does not mean you keep the world and your personal life at bay. It is true that you need to draw boundaries with your family members during your office hours. But once you are done for the day, ensure that you are spending quality time with your loved ones and practicing self-care as well. The pandemic has isolated us from the people we love, and this has resulted in more fatigue and stress. Plus, working from home has also added to people’s anxiety. Therefore, it is important that you communicate with your folks in whichever shape and form at the end of the day.

Also, make sure that you pamper yourself. Take a nap, watch your favorite movies, cook your favorite meals or take a long bath with candles and essential oils. These will help you release all your stress and prevent you from burning out. It is mandatory to take care of yourself and talk to your loved ones so that you can feel connected to the world and yourself and manage your anxiety better.

Summing Up:

There are several ways to combat work-from-home burnout. However, you have to want to deploy the measures because no one but you can help yourself. Burnouts, anxiety and stress have become some of the most common health conditions that people are suffering from in this pandemic. However, with the aforementioned points, you can manage your work-from-home stress and prevent burnouts. Therefore, you might as well try these out.


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