4 Reasons Why Online Football Betting Is Gaining Momentum

4 Reasons Why Online Football Betting Is Gaining Momentum

By Adam Smith | Finance Contributor on March 21, 2019
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Football betting has been around for almost one hundred years. In the pre-internet era, sports bookmaking was done with coupons and fans had limited access to live matches. But the growth of the internet revolutionized betting like never before: fans could enjoy live matches and make good predictions; fans could quickly access the best betting tips and expert predictions too. Betting became more exciting.

But when online football betting mushroomed into a multi-trillion dollar industry, match experts began to study the game in other to increase their chances of winning. “It’s not enough to have interest and opportunity. You have to learn the tricks of the game,” says Ricky Stuart, an expert football score predictor.

Experts like Ricky not only share fantastic betting tips online, they also give some insight into why this fast-growing industry is gaining so much momentum all over the world. Here are the four strongest reasons why many people are choosing to earn a living from sports betting

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1. It is absolutely convenient

Before the invention of the internet, it was completely unthinkable to place a bet from the comfort of a handheld device. It was even impossible to expect to earn a living from the following businesses:

  • Online sports betting
  • Sports blogging
  • Social media marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • And even internet banking

Things are different today. With the World Wide Web, it is easy to benefit from an industry that is worth almost one trillion dollars.

“Everyone wants a piece of the cake. The only way to win is to bet and so it makes sense to do this in the easiest possible way, through your electronic device,” says Ricky Stuarts.

Again, online betting allows you to conveniently make money from a game you absolutely love

2. The Process Is Streamlined and Hassle-free

One attraction online sports betting has is its simplicity and ease. To start betting, you simply need to register an account with a reliable bookmaker. The next step is to make a deposit online. If you’re lucky, you bookmaker could give you a bonus on your deposit.

It is that simple. Wins are also easy to cash out too.

“Life on the sports betting scene is unbelievably streamlined. It’s easy to be intoxicated by the simple and hassle-free process of betting and winning,” says Ricky Stuart.

3. Minimal Preliminary Investment

A young man won over $300 after he’d invested about $1.5 betting on a match. At first, it sounded like jargon to his family, until every single one of them decided to give betting a try.

With the click of a button, they registered with a bookmaker. Then they began mastering some of the best betting tips such as:

  • wagering only sums they could afford to lose
  • conducting research and considering expert advice
  • taking advantage of the bookies
  • and keeping records

Before long, everyone started earning huge returns on their minimal initial investments.

“We all need multiple streams of income. Online sports betting provides a great opportunity to do that. ”

Once you become an expert predictor, you can earn enough to allow you to focus on enjoying and betting on games.

4. It is reliable, stable and certain

Financial experts have predicted that the match-betting industry will last as long as football matches are being played.

“People are drawn to financial stability especially in a world where there is a lot of instability. This is one reason why football betting is gaining momentum.”

Sports betting has come to stay. Those who recognize this will keep flocking to the bookmakers’ to bet and win.


The football industry has diversified and fans have found ways to profit from this multitrillion-dollar industry. The internet has made it easier for fans to combine their passion for the game with moneymaking. Life has never been sweeter for sports lovers.


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