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#SoundOff: 4 Instant Solutions To The Niger Delta Crisis

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by Ipigansi Okumo

The number topic in local and international media is the emergence of a new Niger Delta militant group, the Niger Delta Avengers and their activities blowing up pipelines with a view to ending oil production in Nigeria.

As an indigene of the Niger Delta, here are 4 things that could be done to instantly end the problem of pipeline vandalism in the oil-rich region.

1. Construct trunk A roads (E.g Airport road, Abuja) by the side of all the pipelines in the Niger Delta.

2. Electrify these road with street lights. (E.g Airport road, Abuja)

3. Install CCTV cameras on these roads.

4. Deploy the Nigerian armed forces to be on land and air patrol 24/7.

This is a sustainable way to solve this problem, once and for all.

Essentially, this means develop the region like the region’s money has been used in developing other regions then deploy troops as a last option and you’ll probably find that you won’t have to deploy troops.

Ipigansi Okumo is an environmental activist. Connect with him on Facebook

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author. 

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